Merry Christmas and Thank you and blogsporing

imagesZ82Q8OXN     Blessings to you all. May you all feel loved, love, and peace and joy. Thank you all who have chosen to follow my blog, who have liked posts and who have commented. Thank you all for giving me new insights, things to laugh, cry, and think about.

Yes, I am sentimental little soul. You all have greatly expanded my world. Thank you thank you thank you.

Peace, love, and light
God bless you all.

PS I intend to take time this holiday and go what I call, blogsporing. I am going to explore blogs and look over older posts. Getting likes on something a year old just gives me a huge grin. So if you get a like on something you wrote ages ago, don’t be surprised. It is just The Wren going blog-sporing as opposed to exploring and urban exploring.

Much love,

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