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Today, Gabriella wants us to celebrate our “everydays” in poetry. We write poems for grand loves, loss of love, big occasions, but these poems are our everyday – our morning coffee routine, our drive home from work, our bread making day….I have posted several of these classic haiku over the last few days because they are about my everyday and the joy in the beauty of those days. Please pardon me for posting again but I am doing so for this venue and to give a bit of my everyday to you all. The photos are simple cell phone photos of sun, blue sky, trees and an almost hidden early appearing half moon.

copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura

半月 Hantsuki
summer half moon drifts
in a sea of blue – floating
sakura petal.

夏空 Natsu sora – Summer Sky haiku
serene summer sky –
birds nap in hidden nests as
hawks drift overhead.


copyright KanzenSakura

copyright KanzenSakura

春雨 shun u (gentle spring rain)
Gentle spring rain falls –
The sound like faraway waves
Or breath of a child.

komorebi  木漏れ日
summer morning sun
filters through leaves – gold dapples –
shadows dance trees sway.

hantsuki – half moon; natsu sora – summer sky; shun u – gentle spring rain; komorebi – sun filtering through leaves

半月 Hantsuki – half moon – haiku

copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura

summer half moon drifts
in a sea of blue – floating
sakura petal.


If you look closely, you can barely make out the pale half moon making an early appearance, middle of the blue next to the tree brances….I was sitting enjoying the late afternoon and looked up and there, the half moon suddenly appeared!

12/21/12 12:21 am

The earth softly turns

In its sleep.  A sigh in the

Dark.  Sussuration.


A half moon gently

Glows through India ink tree

Branches.  Bare.  Frozen


In time. Ending and

Beginning as well.  Beginning

Winter and iron


Earth.  Ending of warm

Soil and extravagant blooms.

Time to rest, repair.


My footsteps crunch on

Frosted grass.  No fear of this

Darkness, this aloness.


No grief at this end.

No fear of this beginning.

Silent. Aware. Calm.


The earth softly turns.

I hear it sighing in its sleep.

I smile in darkness.


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