Closed Fist or Open Hand?

We all are given at least one talent.  The talent may not be perceived as such because to us, it seems so ordinary. If we use that talent and share it, there is a great difference between something hoarded and ordinary or, shared and extraordinary.

 Babies are born with their tiny hands clenched into a fist.  In Africa, when a baby is born, before it is even washed, its tiny fists are opened into an open hand.  The hands are opened not only to receive, but also to share.

 In the book of Exodus, God asks Moses, “What do you have in your hand?”  Moses was puzzled and finally answered, “My staff.”  In that day, staffs were ubiquitous.  Everyone had one.  The staff was used for walking, a weapon, herding animals, clearing a path of stones or scorpions.  There was nothing special about the wooden staff.  However, with the power of God through the staff, Moses used his staff to part the Red Sea, to turn water into blood as a curse against Pharaoh, it was turned into a snake (Exodus 4: 1 & 2).  An ordinary staff became a symbol of incredible power.  Miracles were wrought, signs were given, and a nation was freed.

 When we allow God to work through us, our ordinary becomes exceptional.  When we open our fists and share what is in our hands, incomparable feats happen.  When we open the closed fist of our heart, we share love, sympathy, and understanding.  We feed the hungry, heal the sick, house the homeless, comfort the heartbroken, pray for those with a need, and sing a song to uplift a spirit, speak a word of kindness.  The list goes on and only ends when we close our hand. 

 None of us is perfect.  We are all of us broken in some way but we are all that God has to achieve His kingdom here on earth.  Open your fist.  Share what God has put into your hand.  Let Him use His power to make a little bit of something into something great.

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