Eres Tu

Today is day 14 of Nannerwomo. Marian has given us our prompt today in the form of a music video about a happy gay wedding – Eres Tu. I was totally unfamiliar with the artist and music video prompts annoy me. so I cut off the sound and loved the video! This reminded me of my wedding day. My husband invited his aunts and uncles, I invited my friend, most of whom come from the LBGT community. Unlike the happy video, his family did not speak to my friends. They had a good time anyway and we all danced and disco’d down. His family left early. My best friend who is a lesbian was actually my husband’s “best man”. Come to Real Toads to read poetry for this poetry month. #30 in 30

Eres Tu
He looked at the picture and realized –
he looked like his father.
His father who disowned him.
He shaved off his beard and looked –
like himself.
Today of all days
he looked like himself –
Happy and at peace
and totally in love.
He stood with his partner
surrounded by friends and grandparents,
by those who truly loved them and wished them well.
The two figures on the wedding cake,
Two grooms –
will be placed in their china closet
to remind them of this happy day.
And that thankfully,
he isn’t his father.

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SamCat sez: International Smile Day

Sam in chair

I’m looking for SMILES today!!!!!!   I hope you find ways to make others smile.  I’m going to try my best.    🙂






Make Every Moment Count


We do not remember days,
We remember moments.

Cesare Pavese

Photo courtesy of Wiki Free Images

Meme…..blast from the past

Oh my, Rickrolling…but dang, what an incredible voice. I had a call tonight from an old old friend and I remember so well the day he sat me on the back steps and lipsynched this song while dancing for me. I should have been brought to tears by his voice, but that hot August afternoon was all I could think of. It wasn’t always tears and regret, so many times, it was just downright fun.



Have a smile on me…..


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