Autumn in My Mind

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Autumn in My Mind
I’m slipping away to the land of Autumn,
stepping over that line of demarcation
as easily as I slip from one state to the next:
Welcome to Virginia on one side of the sign
and on the other side, Welcome to North Carolina.
The red ripe tomato turns to an apple in my hand
And the green clusters of summer grapes
changes into the deep purple single globes
of muscadine or the golden scuppernongs –
tinged with the smell and taste of autumn.
I am leaving for Autumn,
crossing the line as daintily as I stepped
over the line from Will You Marry to I Do.
As casually as You Have Cancer to – You are healed
I have stepped across the line on the hospital floor.
I am sailing for Autumn on the wings of a hawk
riding the wind currents and looking for mice
scampering across the gold stubbled field.
The hummingbirds are changing into vees of geese.
The green leaves of the cherry trees are brightening to gold
And falling to earth –  the wind is tossing them
up to the clear autumn azure sky.

muscadine grapes

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cool dry day – blue skies
drift overhead – hawks gliding
hunting – sparrows hide

Escaping Hawks – haiku


(c) Paul Militau  used by permission from the photographer.  Please do not copy or reproduce w/o permission.

(c) Paul Militau used by permission from the photographer. Please do not copy or reproduce w/o permission from the photographer..

Wooden hawks emerge
From the earth seeking to join
Their blue sky brothers.


I follow Paul’s photography blog and am often struck by his creativity. When I saw this, my imagination saw earthbound hawks escaping their prison. I contacted and asked for permission to use this photograph and was very kindly given that permission.  You can find more of Paul’s most excellent work at: The direct link to this photograph is:
I don’t feel I have done justice to this image, but, I tried!

You can also visit me and  if you wish, follow me at my poetry only blog, Aki no Koe (voice of autumn):  I will also be posting this on that site.

Please, always remember that if you use another person’s creativity without permission and/or acknowledgement, you are stealing which truly is horrible and snarky.




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