Haibun Monday #16

Hello. I am the host for Haibun Monday over at dVerse Poets and today, the subject is: Quotidian. Quotidian means daily, things that happen daily or things that we use daily: commute to work, underwear, our first cup of coffee, meals – quotidian! Come and join us over at dVerse for Haibun about daily things.

The herbs. Plain and simple, everyday – the herbs. I go to my garden and cut chives, parsley, some sprigs of thyme, maybe cilantro, marjoram, and always mint. Mint for the tea or lemonade. I have forgotten what kind it is. I just know it is mint. Fresh and cool smelling, a leaf to chew on, a sprig in my hot tea, several sprigs in the iced tea. When I go to visit someone, I always take them a nosegay of herbs tied with a piece of long grass. And chief among the herbs is…mint. Mint is the herb of Virtue. Bay is glory, basil good wishes, thyme is courage, oregano is substance, sage is wisdom, chives is usefulness, rosemary is remembrance. The herbs make me happy and when they are given to a friend, they impart some of that same happiness. Sometimes I include a recipe for the use of a specific herb in the group. Herbs have been part of my daily life for years. I don’t see them becoming not a part of my life any time soon. So lean over here and take a sniff of this herb nosegay. Let your dreams become part of their fragrance.

sweet smells of summer –
herbs delight the heart and mind =
grace for all who taste

public domain image

public domain image

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