Hiatus from Blogging

Hello all my dear friends.

I will be taking a brief hiatus from blogging.  My mother, who has Alzheimers and is in frail health, is in the process of being put into hospice care.  She also lives with me in my home so caretaking has been difficult.  It is a painful part of my life, watching my once vital, funny, and intelligent mother dying.   I will be back as soon as I can.  In the meantime, I wish you all happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and many many hugs and blessings.  I imagine I will be back sooner than I anticipate because I love writing so very much.  In the meantime, your prayers and good wishes are earnestly needed.

Take care of yourselves.


Short Hiatus due to Mother’s health

I have not been posting much lately or reading the posts of others.  I’ve had midterms and end of term study and work.  I have also been dealing with health issues of my mom.  She has been in poor health for awhile but the last three weeks have bordered on near fatal.

Needless to say, I’ve been much concerned.  She was put into a nursing/rehab center and does not thrive.  In fact, she decided to die and has been starving herself because she hates the place and has given up.

I have made arrangements to visit with her for a bit.  This has encouraged her and she is back on track to recovery, such as it is with an 84 year old woman with COPD, an anyeurism on her heart and a torn descending aorta.  It has been a rough, sad, scary time and I haven’t felt much like writing, reading, or commenting, although I have tried and have worked on being positive.  Hopefully, she will be discharged home soon and I can have a good visit with her and work on trying to rebuild her strength.

I’ll be back in a few weeks and will try to catch up on reading posts and starting to post again.  I apologize in advance for not reading but right now, my mother will be my priority.  I imagine this visit with her in Florida will probably be the last time this side of heaven I will see my mother again.

Your prayers, positive energy, good thoughts for her and I will be most welcome and appreciated.  You all take care of yourselves and know you are all in my thoughts.

It is through challenge that we find out who we really are.

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