Haibun: Moon like cream

For Kim’s prompt over at dVerse. It is Quadrille Monday Today she delights us with “rich” and all the meanings of the word. I offer a Haibun in the manner of Basho.  a quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words sans title. A haibun is a true accounting of prose ended with a seasonal haiku.

Haibun: Moon Like Cream
“The stars are brilliant at this time of night
and I wander these streets like a ritual I don’t dare to break
for darling, the times are quite glorious.” Charlotte Ericksson

The overwhelming smell of honeysuckle wrapped around my head. I stared up at the blue flower moon and inhaled deeply. The moon is the colour of rich country cream – double delights on this night.
dipped in  the rich cream
of the full moon

Summer Night Sky

For my prompt at my Wednesday Muse – the night sky.  Every Wednesday I give prompts at Wednesday Muse under the Sunday Muse.  Also for Poets United.  I love the life of the night and the sky above.

Summer Night Sky
“pluck till time and times are done,
The silver apples of the moon…” William B. Yeats

a warm summer night –
moist and full of the scents
of gardenia and honeysuckle.
Out in the ‘burbs there is no
light pollution.
I look up at the stars and
the full Strawberry Moon.
An occasional meteor flashes through
the sky – a streaming flame
from a particle the size of a grain of sand.
In the ocean of the night sky
shells the size of moons wash up
on the shore of the heavens.
an owl drifts overhead, silent.
rabbits graze in the clover
unaware of the miracle taking place
over their heads.



Today at Real Toads, Fireblossom has the prompt. She discovered that she is related to the great American Impressionist artist, Edward Simmons. She has given us a few images to pick one and write about or to find another image. Being me, I did some research and found many wonderful paintings by this prolific artist. the one that spoke to me was Night.  Thank you Shay for this wonderful and meaningful prompt!

As usual I can’t sleep.
I sit on the beach watching the sleeping ocean –
Listening to its susurrus…
The smell of honeysuckle mixes with the smell
of the sleeping ocean – like an artist mixes his paints.
The honeysuckle is magnificent this year
Climbing in fettered freedom on the
growth of trees and small bushes, fences.
On the drive down here today
the car in front of me hit a bird –
A small bird dipping down for a bit of something
in the middle of the road.
I looked in my rearview mirror and saw it flopping.
I pulled over to the shoulder
and ran and quickly scooped it up in my hands,
Where it immediately died.
A bit of blood on my hands
with its eyes still open.
I wonder does it have a nest of babies somewhere?
I go back to my car and put it into a paper bag.
Later that night I bury it in the sand dunes.
The sleeping ocean sings it a lullaby.
I look at the moon on the ocean. One day
I think,
I shall walk into that ocean.
The honeysuckle is magnificent this year.

public domain Night by
Edward Simmons 1889

Open Link Night #174 – Honeysuckle

Today is Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub. Drop by and join us in some cool drinks and hot poems! Come find your new favorite poet at: https://dversepoets.com/2016/06/09/openlinknight-174/

Scent of HoneysuckleSuikazura no kaori
Sitting on my back steps at 2:00 a.m.
Black night, dark of the moon.
The night air is warm as bathwater
and fragrant with the sweet smell of honeysuckle.

Clover blossoms like earthbound stars
glow in the galaxy of grass at my feet.
I close my eyes breathing deeply –
Honeysuckle – rich, irresistible.

The ancient tangled vines lure me
to them and I brush the small trumpet blooms
with delicate fingers.
I take a few sprigs back with to my seat on the steps.
and tuck them into the braid of my hair –
Queen of the honeysuckle fairies…

It is peaceful at 2:00 a.m.
My small kingdom is at rest and
sleeping – honeysuckle perfume lulls.

Honeysuckle breathes
into the summer night – dreams
gentle and long past.

duke.edu.org public domain

duke.edu.org public domain

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