Letter from 2030 dVerse Poetics Pub

The prompt for today from dVerse Poetics Pub is to imagine our future.  I didn’t go too far in the future in my vision.  Our inspiration for this is a poem:  http://ideas.ted.com/a-poem-from-the-future

Dear Self. I have come back to share this with you. Have hope. Love, me

Just when we thought the world
Was going to explode –
The plague happened –
Like a glowing poison green mist
It halted e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

Now I sit
In this cathedral of tall trees
And listen to the birds singing,
Smelling the green smell of growing things.
Time passed and
After all the burials and burnings,
There was enough food for everyone.
The air was no longer poisoned
By gas emissions.
The earth began healing itself.
Money meant nothing
Because you could just walk in
And get what you wanted
When you wanted it.
Limited electricity
But candlelight
Is fine to write poems by,
To read and play the piano,
To fix a simple dinner and share with
The four other people
Left in town.
Communities have reformed
But there are still small places
Like here.
We grow most of our own
Food and trade for what little we may need.
Tomorrow is the day to make udon.
I love to make udon –
Simple stuff. Flour, salt, water…..
From a few things comes so much more.
I will put the dough in a big plastic
Bag and knead with my feet.
Pete will play his harmonica while I dance on the dough
And Bess will clap and laugh.
Fresh udon with parsley and green onion
From our garden,
For our dinner.
Food that is alive.
A life that is alive.
For this moment though,
I sit
In this cathedral of tall trees
And listen to the birds singing.

copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura

Wordless Wednesday: Rejoice! Spring is coming…

copyright kanzensakura - flowering quince buds, spring is coming

copyright kanzensakura – flowering quince buds, spring is coming

copyright kanzensakura flowering quince buds - spring is coming

copyright kanzensakura
flowering quince buds – spring is coming

The Walk – Part V – Green Tea

free public domain photo

free public domain photo

She had told him
there were sixty-five cherry trees
in the office park.
He was always amazed at this
jewel of a place set down
in the midst of
strip malls, box stores,
office buildings, gas stations.
Set apart, one road leading in
one road leading out.
It is as if the cherry trees,
the pond, the birds – all were
the purpose of this place
instead of the two tall office buildings.
She had told him
in the spring,
the trees would all burst
into clouds of pink and white –
the pond would reflect the blooms
just as the mirrored sides of the buildings
reflected the sky and cherry blossoms.
She had promised him.
She had pointed out
the different trees as she would
have introduced him to
her friends. It was silent today,
all offices closed.
He was lonely and this place
seemed like home to him.
A few minutes more.
She was working today
in spite of the holiday.
He looked up and there she was,
walking over the crest of the small
hill with a cloth bag in
her hand. Childlike,
he began to wave.
At the upper end of the pond,
under the five small bare cherry trees,
they stood.
Like a magician, she pulled two small
pads from the bag and motioned
for him to sit.
In silence, she spread a
bamboo mat and set out two pottery cups.
A small bowl, a small lacquered caddy,
tiny wooden spoon, bamboo whisk,
a thermos bottle,a small cloth.
In continued silence
she opened the caddy and added
bright green matcha to one
of the cups, poured steaming water into
the cup and softly began to
whisk the matcha and water into
a delicate foam. His breath caught as she placed the
cup in front of him and turned
it so he could see the dragonfly
painted on the cup.
She prepared tea for herself.
In silence they sat and sipped
the tea.
A few flakes of snow
began to fall.
He felt the warmth of the
tea in his body and in his soul.
He looked above him.
In his mind, he saw
the cherry blossoms.

copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura

Cup of Kindness – 2015


And so we come to the end of another year. This has been a year of tremendous changes. In spite of so many hard things, there have been many good things.  In March, I lost my job due to ageism and racism. Ugly combination, hey? And as time has progressed, my mother has become more fragile in her health and after rescuing her from a bad situation in Florida and taking her to live with her youngest sister in Tennessee, she just seemed to just step off the edge of the cliff. Health folks often call it that. She is now in and out of reality. Dementia is a demon from which there is no escape. I call her daily. The other day she asked me where my father was and why he hadn’t been to visit. I gently told her he died 30 years ago. She didn’t remember. This is a daily heartbreak for me. It is also a daily reminder of those fragile relationships that mean so very much and could suddenly….end.

But there has been highs in this past year. I’ve been able to devote more time to my writing, reading, cooking, independent study and went back to school for pharmacy. Being an engineer, my outlook isn’t the typical glass half empty/full thing. Our thing is, if the glass is half empty or half full, then get another glass. So I got another glass.

I am also ending this year finding out that my deep depression disorder is not that at all. I am bi-polar. Not a death sentence by any means but a life sentence none the less. But I can and will cope. I have the best husband in the world and I have friends – beyond excellent friends.  Hope and faith – words for the new tomorrow.  I promise, I’ll do my best not to be whiney about it!

Dear Chloe over at: http://sirenatales.wordpress.com did a post on Automaticity. Just what I was thinking for the past week or so. Basically, practice makes perfect. Practice a dance move, a speech pattern, whatever – until you do it automatically without thinking. Like when I draw my wakizashi with that single sweep and into fight position. I don’t think, I do.

What to practice in 2015 until it becomes so engrained? Here’s my list. What about yours?   Compassion, hope, joy, positivity, sharing, honor, humility of spirit, curiosity, open mindedness, open heart, gentleness, faith…big one – Faith. 

I forget who said this: When we worry today, we rob tomorrow of its hope.  There.  Nuff said.

I thank all of you who follow both my blogs; this one and Aki no Koe. Thank you for your likes, comments, kindnesses, prayers, positive thoughts. Thank you for your posts and all you have shared. Blessings to you in 2015.  I wish you all and those you hold dear, the best that can be granted to you.

And above all, let us practice kindness. Let us drink deeply from that cup o’ kindness and pass it on. Let us practice it until we don’t have to even think about it. Kindness as automatic as our hearts beating. Sharing it without thinking.

Peace, Joy, Love….yes Virginia, they do exist

With all going on in the world today, it is so easy to lose hope, to forget there is more to life than bad news, mayhem, evil…

But Love was born many years ago night in Bethlehem. I’m not here to debate your theological questions or comments, I am here simply to share my hope, my love, my peace. It all has to begin inside of us. And once those seeds are planted, they need to be nurtured, to be harvested, to be share. TO. BE. SHARED.

So regardless of what you do or do not believe, at least believe that these things still exist and if they only exist in the heart of one person, they still exist. That light will never be extinguished.

So…Joy to you my Blogosphere Family. Peace be unto you. Love I share with you.

Merry Christmas. Blessings to you all. And please, after you hug those blessings close to you, turn around and give them to someone else.

Be the peace. Be the hope. Be the love. And Joy….JOY TO THE WORLD! God knows, we all need it. Just as He knew those years ago when His Son was born to live among us. To speak our language and to feel our fears and to know just how scary the world can be. But He was the hope, the love, the peace, the love. Now it’s your turn. Again I say, Be the hope. Be the love. Be the peace.





Peace: Let it begin with someone else…

Quote by Albert Einstein picture from WikiImages public domain

Quote by Albert Einstein
picture from WikiImages public domain

“Peace can become a lens through which you see the world. Be it. Live it. Radiate it out. Peace is an inside job.”
Wayne Dyer,Woman’s Day Magazine, Jun. 1, 2007

Peace….one of the aspects of Advent. In order to have peace, true peace, let us suspend some of our prejudices. Let us start with the words God, father, brother. If you let these words stop you cold and turn off your mind, you’ve already stopped the process of peace. You are letting Peace begin with someone else.

We all want peace but we can’t have it in ourselves, in our lives, in our homes, in the places we live, in the world until we open ourselves to it – until we clear our brains and hearts of words that stop us from listening to the thoughts of other people, to the beauty around us, to living in the moment instead of living in a small place called Prejudice.

it’s okay if you don’t believe in God of any kind. It’s perfectly fine if you’d rather say Sister, Mother, Goddess. As long as you say and live and promote peace, you are fine. And once you skip over all the gobblegook, psycho-babble, labels  – you come to the end of the road that says: The End. That’s it, the end. Turn around in a different direction. Open your mind and your heart. Share those dreams of peace. Start anew.

But…but…why can’t somebody do something about…..???? Why can’t YOU do something about….??? Until peace truly begins within, it can’t spread to others. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with…..ME.

Blessings to you all.  Let there be peace on earth and goodwill to all.

All the earth rejoice – It’s Christmas


One of the candles for advent is Joy.  This is not your average Christmas video.  I like it because it is so happy and makes me want to dance, even when my heart is heavy or I feel overwhelmed with commercialism.  Why I celebrate Christmas.

“Born unto us this day a Saviour
Gifted from heaven to a manger
The hope of the world
A light for all mankind
All of the earth rejoice
It’s Christmas time

So lift up your voice and sing out His praise
It’s Christmas
Born is the King, rejoice in the day
It’s Christmas
Make a joyful sound
It’s Christmas
Let His praise resound
It’s Christmas

Goodwill to all the earth
And peace divine
All of the earth rejoice
It’s Christmas time
It’s Christmas time

So lift up your voice and sing out His praise
It’s Christmas
Born is the King, rejoice in the day
It’s Christmas
Make a joyful sound
It’s Christmas
Let His praise resound
It’s Christmas”

Hillsong, Scott Ligerwood, Matt Crocker

The Walk – First of Many

For an hour, the snow
had been falling. I looked
across the parking lot beyond
to the winter bare cherry trees
that sat at the top of the
hill and overlooked
the pond at the base.  I left
my desk to walk for my lunch
break, to visit the trees, bleak
and bare until spring.
Somehow he knew I would be
out, unable to resist
the lure of the snow.
He smiled and asked where? and I
pointed with my chin across the
white covered lot, to inky trees
beyond.  No words between us, just
the crunch of our shoes on the snow
and near silent swish of the falling snow.
Under the trees, he reached up
and delicately touched buds on the branches.
“Deep pink” in answer to his unasked
question.  “Will you go home for hanami?”
Hunching in his coat, he was silent.

The snow fell upon his black hair and
the cashmere of his coat.
“Home?  Where is home for me?
Where I buried my wife and son and
Where the wave washed away their graves?
Where my house was washed away?
Under these trees
is home enough for now.”
The branches caught small clumps of snow.
I smiled at him and touched
the clumps of snow caught in the branches.
“Look, winter cherry blossoms.”
In the clean winter air, I caught the scent of his
aftershave – Astor.
I closed my eyes and breathed deeply
and then looked into his eyes,
Coffee brown, almond shaped, grief dimmed.
“I need to go back to work”..I added,
“Home?  Home is where your memories
take you and you feel at peace or whether beneath
these trees, or in a building, or home is where
you are loved, in spite of yourself.  Home is
where you make it.”  He smiled.
“Then here is home, my friend.”

I walked away and then turned around.
Tall and thin, alone under the trees,
He stood with his face to the sky
his eyes closed, tears of snow on his cheeks.

Hope: We all are one

I am not always the fastest or brightest of the group. I freely admit this. But when I do get.it. – I am forever changed. It came to me last night, while watching, of all things, 60 Minutes. A segment was on the war in Syria, refugees, starvation – the whole gamut of horrible. The UN has a world feeding program trying to do what it can. In the midst of the desert, in a huge refugee camp, this organization has established a feeding program. No, it is not the usual feeding en masse people bowls of the same food at the same time. A grocery has been built with food the refugees can shop for with vouchers. They get to choose what food they want.

Tears flowed when I viewed a simple image: a woman sprinkling mint(?), parsley(?) over a dish she had prepared for her family. Really? A starving baby brought tears but this woman fixing a meal for her family made me weep? Yes, it did; gut wrenching sobs as I thought of this family’s trek over miles of desert, hunger, fear of separation…and here they were: safe, together, fed, filled with…Hope. By the simple act of being able to prepare this meal, to put her personal touches on the dish, for them to sit down and be able to eat together as a family. I cannot tell you how this moved me. That image reached across an ocean of culture, age, circumstance and reminded me of what it is that keeps us all going: Hope.

On this first Sunday of Advent, the spiritual meditation is Hope. We don’t have to be Christians or have a Christian based belief for Advent and its seasons: Hope, Peace, Love, Joy. Anybody out there disagree with those dreams of Hope, Peace, Love, Joy? These dreams are for us all. Hope is for us all. We hope for a better world, even when we are at our most cynical.

Hope for those of us with a chronic or fatal disease or watching someone we love with that disease, hope for those of us who are hungry, hope for those of us filled with sorrow, hope for those of us struggling with addiction, hope for those of us crushed by guilt, hope for those of us who want to be loved, even animals in rescue shelters get a certain look on their faces when they see someone coming towards them – we all have hope. We all are one.

In the midst of all the rampant consumerism of this time of year, the urgent crazy busy activities, business stuff, party stuff, buying stuff….in spite of this HOPE is still the motivator. Hope for a world where we all are fed, housed, healed, loved, needed. I will not let my Hope be overwhelmed by all the craziness. I will take time to be still, to look at the stars, to gaze at the blue sky, to notice even pigeons flying overhead. They may be a part of a crowded grey cityscape, but still they soar above it. They spread their wings and move on the wind. HOPE. Take a moment and send thoughts of Hope out around you and let it become part of the world at large – scream the word HOPE into the wind, whisper it into the ears of your child, give it to someone who needs it, give it to yourself.

I am posting a video along with this. It is not your typical religious Advent video. I know in my heart, Advent – the coming of Hope, Peace, Love, Joy – is for us all, regardless. This video is by World Order, one of my favorite music groups. They are Japanese. Frequently, their music and dances take place in the middle of busy life – dressed as “salary men”, World Order is anything but the general salary man. All around them, busy busy busy – people moving fast, running to work, being crammed into commuter trains. In the middle of this, the men move slowly and deliberately, apart from the hectic world around them. It is easy to be overwhelmed by all the machines, the noise, the tasks, the must-buy-this mentality.

“Machine Civilization” was written and filmed after the horrific earthquake and tsunami of several years ago. The “main man” of the group, Genki Sudo, urges people to rise from the destruction and rebuild. He also warns of that machine civilozation taking control and of humans losing their hearts, souls, awareness of…HOPE. At the end of the video, we see and hear a bell being rung for those who were lost, but also, for those who survive. “We all are one”. We all desire peace, hope, love, joy: we all are one. I have provided a translation for you below the video.

Machine Civilation
In the morning of machine civilization,
lost shadows, behind their red shields,
wrapped in their grey uniforms,
are imprisoned in the mechanical rhythms.
It’s always the same scene everyday,
where production lines march on nonstop.
However, something is missing
in the twilight of machinery.Where’s the world going?
Won’t somebody tell me?
Are these thoughts illusion?
Are we all one?
Will this world be able to change?
Are these thoughts illusion?People find work to be done.
Humans work, birds sing,
and then they fall into a deep slumber.
“Open your eyes!” He shouts.
It’s always the same scene everyday,
and we live in this brief moment.
Someday we’d surely want a revolution
in the twilight of machinery.Where’s the world going?
Won’t somebody tell me?
Are these thoughts illusion?
Are we all one?
Will we be able to change these thoughts?
We will always smile to our dreams.(Are these thoughts illusion?)Where’s the world going?
Won’t somebody tell me?
Are these thoughts illusion?
Are we all one?
Will we be able to change these thoughts?
We will always smile to our dreams.break through
in your mind
white shirt
white shirt
white shirt
black shirt
black shirt
we are all one
are we all one

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I Go To Extremes: Rollercoaster of Life

I think I’m going to call June and July The Months of Extremes.  I’ve been energized and exhausted. Happy and Heartbroken, Sane and Depressed, Sharp as a katana and numb as a cube of ice.

I started the day off elated.  got my mid-term exams results and aced them.  Twenty minutes later, anxious and sad – a call my 84 year old mother was admitted to the hospital yesterday and tons of tests being run.  She’s in Florida, I’m up here.

So I’m milling around my kitchen cooking like a crazy tornado lady – when sad/anxious/depressed/afraid – I cook.
This song came on the radio and hit the nail on the head – I Go To Extremes….don’t know what’s ahead at this point. I just know it is another round on the rollercoaster of life.



Back step singing and Starting back to school

Tomorrow I start back to school for the first time in ages.  I have my books:  Pharmaceutical Calculations, Pharmacy Law, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Compounding and Drug Dispensing.  I am pumped. I am scared.

As usual, I can’t sleep.  When in doubt, I often look to music.  During the Christmas holidays, at 3:00 am in the morning, as I looked up at the stars and connected with their Maker, I threw back my arms and belted out the Halleluia Chorus.  I am no singer, but what I lack in expertise and tone, I make up for with joy and jumping up and down and waving my arms.

Tonight, I already feel the song to the stars in my soul:  Nessun Dorma from Puccini’s unfinished opera, Turandot.  This version is by Pavaroti, live in Paris.  The English translation is below.  I find many of the words apt and the tune always makes my heart feel too big for my chest.  So often I have sat on my back steps and watched it snow, felt the rain fall upon me, wrapped myself in my grandmother’s quilt while frost gathered on the grass, listened to cicada, inhaled the incredible aroma of honeysuckle. So many poems written as I sat alone and felt the world move around me.

Not everyone is into opera, but I think we all are into living our lives fully and with passion.  Close your eyes, let the incredible beauty of the melody enter you, let the inspirational power of the human voice lift you to the stars….and please, don’t think of me singing this when you do. I want you to soar, not bunny hop!

Nobody shall sleep!… 
Nobody shall sleep! 
Even you, o Princess, 
in your cold room, 
watch the stars, 
that tremble with love and with hope.
But my secret is hidden within me,
my name no one shall know… 
On your mouth I will tell it when the light shines.
And my kiss will dissolve the silence that makes you mine!…
(No one will know his name and we must, alas, die.)
Vanish, o night! 
Set, stars! Set, stars! 
At dawn, I will win! I will win! I will win!

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