Annie May – I am!!! I am!!!

I went to my favorite Asian store the other day, Tokyo Market, to purchase udonko – udon flour. Whilst I was there nosing about, a young couple came in with their toddler daughter. She was transfixed by the round eyed stranger and suddenly shouted: Annie May! and was quite happy about it.

Her parents looked at me and shrugged and I smiled to say, “It’s cool’. She did it several times until finally, the father picked her up and very embarrassedly told her to shush. She giggled and whispered to him. He smiled and asked me, “Do you know about anime?” Of course I know about anime! He explained she was calling me “Anime” because one of the animes he watches, Bleach, has a couple of characters  white hair. I myself follow Bleach. My hair is long and silver white.

I solemnly took her little paw in mine and thanked her for the special name. She just giggled and said, “Bye Bye Annie May” as they left the store.

Misosazai (wren) no Chesterfield has now added Annie May no Chesterfield to her several titles. I like it.


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