Confession: Hanakotoba 花言葉

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This is done for today’s prompt at dVerse Poetics Pub – confession.

Hanakotoba 花言葉 – Language of flowers
You handed me the bouquet.
“I have a confession”
I looked at the flowers
in the bouquet
and heard the words
but as you wanted me to hear them:
水仙) daffodil – respect
椿 camellias – yellow, white, red –
longing and love, eternity
赤い薔薇 red rose, passion

We stood in the gentle spring rain
I searched my mind for the words:
“春雨 しゅんう shun u”
you whispered.

I smiled.
“Already the rain smells differently.
A smell of growing things
instead of the sharp tang
of bareness.”
春雨 しゅんう shun u
gentle spring rain.

I held the bouquet close
to my face.
I kissed each flower
with the softness
of shy kisses on your face.

I have a confession to make.
And I handed the bouquet
back to you.
You smiled and reached for me
the bouquet between us.

Those days long ago,
long gone.
How could I ever
confess that day
to another?
bless me,
it has been a lifetime
since my last confession.

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