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“In ancient times cat were worshipped as gods. They have not let us forget this.” Terry Pratchett

I am lazy today.
It is hot and humid
And I am lazy.
I might roll over and let you
rub my tummy but…
Then again I might not.
I might just scratch and bite you.
Entice me with cream.
Seduce me with tuna.
My ears go back
and my tail slightly twitches.
I think I will close my eyes now
and sleep.
It is time for you to go away – now.

Quadrille #2 – Sleepy Afternoon

Today, the magic word at dVerse Quadrille prompt is: lull. Come join us and submit your own 44 word poem containing “lull”. This is a new feature prompt at the dVerse Poets Pub. Come join in and also see the lovely video Bjorn took of his wife skating.

a warm summer day
lazing in a hammock
stretched between two
trees – drowsy drone of bees
and scent of honeysuckle and clover
can lull even the busiest of minds
into fragrant repose.
A distant lawnmower says
Get Busy!
I gnore. I am lulled.

public domain book illustration

public domain book illustration

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