SamCat – Sleep Sweetly Dear Friend


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 Yesterday, I had my precious SamCat euthanized. Had not been feeling well and I took him to the Vet. We discovered there was a large tumor on his large, loving, brave heart. I could have prolonged the inevitable, but he was too good of a cat and friend to be subjected to my selfishness. He would have slowly starved and suffocated to death. At this point, he was only beginning to suffer and so I decided he deserved to go out on the up rather than on the down.

This morning, his warm presence was not felt. The house was empty. My constant companion who always sat between my keyboard and the monitor was absent, never to return. SamCat did several guest blogs for me. I was honored he did this for me. He lived his first three years in a cage. The rest of his life, he lived in my heart.  He still has permanent residence there.

You all who have had this type of life know what is going on with me. I don’t need to go into details. I started crying yesterday morning at 11:00 am and really haven’t stopped. SamCat was my friend and always listened and never judged. He even liked my poetry.

In my heart, I know my Papa and my grandmother have been loving on him and giving him treats up in heaven. SamB and Puglsey have a new playmate. They are rich and now I am poor. My only regret is he is gone.

cold space where his warm
body would lie waiting for
me to come and sit.

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