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Grace is tending pub for us today. She has given to us an incredible poetic performance and poem by Loyce Gayo who was born in Tanzania and currently pursuing a degree in African and African Diaspora Studies with a Minor in Mathematics at the University of Texas in Austin. Not a comfortable poem by any means. And I pray you are not comfortable reading/listening. We are prompted to write poetry today based on “How We Forget”.  Here is the link:  My poem is also linked here.  With deep respect, I submit my submission for this.

The Sacred Tree is Dead
“If you ever need a place to…to listen to the wind, we’ll be here”. Walter Crowhorse, “Thunderheart” movie
“It was a beautiful dream…the hoop is broken and scattered. There is no center any longer and the sacred tree is dead.” Black Elk, Lakota Sioux

We forget by herding a people and placing them on land
No one else would own or want.
We forget we are interlopers on the shores of the country
By riding down women and children with horses
And shooting them in the back or trampling them underfoot.
Bodies twisted in heaps on the prairie grass
Frozen in the snow.

We forget to live with the earth
By bulldozing it and burying it under asphalt and McMansions.
We poison the rivers and the air
And forget for we always ask – why?

We forget by keeping nations on boundaried land –
We forget by cutting hair and teaching English
We forget by forbidding the great dance
We forget by erecting a monument with a list of names
And burying the monument in weeds
And scattered ribbons.

public domain image

public domain image


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