dVerse Meeting the Bar

Today, Victoria is hosting the bar with her Meeting the Bar prompt of writing poems in meter.  I rarely use meter because of my preference for Japanese poetic forms.  But I have given it a try using my beloved creek and trees as prompts.  Come join us at dVerse Poets Pub for fun and frolic.  Meter-Made Mood–dVerse Meeting the Bar

Play Day
Today is the day
I ran away and left my cares behind.
The trees they beckoned
And the creek it giggled
As I danced down the lane
Blue sky above me
And green grass below.
I want to play
I think I’ll play

The birds they sing
The butterflies they flutter and float
I splashed in the creek
And made the frogs hop
Away to quiet stones
And watch me in alarm.
I want to play
I think I’ll play
Oh! Come and let’s play.

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