The Future

For Magaly’s Prompt at Real Toads.  We are to take one of the 13 lines listed form Kerry’s Poetry, exactly as the line is written.  a beautiful prompt.  Kerry is a fine poet and an excellent artist, drawer of Tarot Card.  I fell in love with Toads when I found the site.  I thought some of the finest poets in the blogosphere posted their poems there. I still do.  I bow to Kerry in her greatness.  NOTE:  I used to live about 2 miles from the Dry Falls in the illustration.

The Future
“A weird time in which we are alive. We can travel anywhere we want, even to other planets. And for what? To sit day after day, declining in morale and hope.” ― Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle

the future arrives just as water
turns into a dry fall
jutting from the side of the mountain.
we walked underneath it
looking through the water at the
river below us –
we stood in the cave behind it and
and held each other close
the future arrives just as water
turns into mist on a cold grey day
turning the trees into mysteries.
the future is there… looking back at us –
trying to make sense of the
fiction we will have become.

Dry Falls Highlands, NC

The Architect

For Sunday Muse BlogSpot. Shay is the guest poster of the image this week.

The Architech
“I’m a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds.” – Mike Tyson

out of the mist the cabin emerges –
like the village of Brigadoon.
When it first began appearing
the pup wasn’t even born yet.
Now it is adult and sits at my side.
Sometimes I reach down and stroke him
and his tail wags and his eyes smile.
Soon we will fade into the mist again.
When we reappear,
the pup will be an older adult,
like me. The trash bin will never be filled
and the moon will be full.
My pup and I will take a break
and walk around in the mist
and return to the cabin for honey tea.


The Architech by Erik Johansson

Shades of Grey 短歌

 Early morning mist

Blurs and softens lines with cold

Dark grey hazy veils

Of sumi-e dreams of charcoal

Trees waiting for spring to come.


misty trees


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