A poem of tribute

For Kerry’s Prompt on Real Toads – Instructions for Living a Life – A tribute to Poets of our Time. Write a poem in tribute.She gives us several names but of course, we are free to choose our own still living poet. I chose Shay Simmons as my contemporary living poet, posting two of her poems as an example of her work and my poem of tribute.

My Poem of Tribute
Imagine finding a jewel in the dust –
a glowing ruby red and rich
or a sapphire – blue as the autumn sky.
Of course you would bend down and pick it up
dust it off, hold it to the sun,
put it in your pocket filled with lint
and pencil stubs.
Take it out of your pocket to
watch it sparkle by starlight –
The inner fire still showing.
Would you leave it in a birds nest
and wait for it hatch?
Would you take it to the ocean with you?
I would. I would hold it in the waves
letting them wash over it again and again.
I would hold it up to a candle
and watch the blue red green lights
decorate my bare white walls.
Yes I would.
In a heartbeat.

What would you do if?

What would you do if the sky gave up its birds
on an afternoon
made of the name you used to use?

Could you go home?
Would you even want to?
Appearing there, could you sing white dust and 8 bar blues in equal measures?

A Love Poem for K
My house is small.
If I buy an orange,
And bring it home in a canvas bag,

I have to decide what to get rid of;
What object it will replace.

If I lose something–
My book of Whitman poems, or
The card from my friend in New York,

It’s bound to be right there,
As close as coffee to the cup.

Should the postman drop me a letter,
I must then send one out.
I dream only once each night, but richly.

There would seem to be no room
For Another
In my life,

And yet,
The sun comes through my window
Each morning,

And seems to belong there.
What about that?

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