Summer Night Sky

For my prompt at my Wednesday Muse – the night sky.  Every Wednesday I give prompts at Wednesday Muse under the Sunday Muse.  Also for Poets United.  I love the life of the night and the sky above.

Summer Night Sky
“pluck till time and times are done,
The silver apples of the moon…” William B. Yeats

a warm summer night –
moist and full of the scents
of gardenia and honeysuckle.
Out in the ‘burbs there is no
light pollution.
I look up at the stars and
the full Strawberry Moon.
An occasional meteor flashes through
the sky – a streaming flame
from a particle the size of a grain of sand.
In the ocean of the night sky
shells the size of moons wash up
on the shore of the heavens.
an owl drifts overhead, silent.
rabbits graze in the clover
unaware of the miracle taking place
over their heads.


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