Beach Memories

For Kerry’s Prompt at Toads,Human Landscape Interactions.  The happened two weeks before my mother died last June.  She loved her beach!  We went down to Emerald Isle about eight times a year.

Beach Memories
I hold the bowl of cut strawberries for you.
Did we pick these? You ask.
I murmur, no mama, I bought these at the market.
You seem to sleep and then rouse.
remember that time at the beach…
your voice peters out and you sleep for real this time.
I remember so many times at the beach –
the sand dollars swirling in the waves
looking like alien space ships,
the walks at sunrise and sunset,
the times we looked for shells,
bologna sandwiches and warm cokes
for lunch on the beach,
laughing at a dog playing in the surf,
jumping waves,
digging a space in the shade of the dunes
and taking a nap with the sound
of sea birds and waves lulling us to sleep.
I wonder what you are dreaming of
while you sleep.
do you dream of those times?

Emerald Isle NC

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