Dear Dorian

Bjorn is hosting the pub today for our Meeting the Bar segment. He is asking us to write poetry in the form of a letter. It must be a true letter with salutation and ending and poetry in between! Today Karin is promoting us to write a letter poem.  


My Dear Dorian,
It has been many years since I last saw you at the Café Royale.
I was surprised to you see you sitting
in the midst of The Kong – The Four
as we in Society named you.

Whistler, Forbes, and Oscar looked
older, wiser, more foolish,
dusty around the edges –
like a doily left too long on the surface
of a table that has waited too long to be dusted.

There you sat
like an exotic orchid
perched among faded roses –
but those roses still have long thorns
with blood on them.
Their tongues will ever be sharp!
I wonder if I will live long enough
to see them discarded and dead
In the trash bin.

You saw me and your beautiful mouth
curved in a sardonic smile.
You tipped your glass of champagne
in my direction.

One more café mocha –
It makes my heart go so fast,
But then,
when spring has paled and lovers
such as you consigned to the grave –
it is good to feel my heart beat faster,
to feel alive.

Is that why you did it?
Why you made your deal
with Fate?
So you could feel alive forever?

I wonder. But I just wanted you know –
I know your secret.

With best regards,
Lady Lavinia Thornsby

Reeve Carney as Dorian Gray, Penny Dreadful

d’verse Poetics: MTB: Bob Dylan

Today, Bjorn is celebrating the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature:  Bob Dylan.  It seems the folks at the academy got over their tightassery and actually chose somebody that almost everyone knows and isn’t some obscure foreigner – an American Bard.  Congrats to Bob Dylan!

Bob Dylan: Poet
I met him several times years ago.
He was fuzzy haired and serious
and pretentious.
But the man can write.
I’ll give him that.
So like a rolling stone
and the Byrds’ favorite Tamborine Man,
He does write songs and lyrics that stays with one.
How long?
The answer my friend,
is blowing in the wind.

***lines in italics are direct quotes from various poems and titles of Bob Dylan’s songs.


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