Hummingbird Moth in the Moonlight

For Kerry’s Prompt over at Real Toads.  A darkly mysterious ink drawing by Luke Eidenschink.  This picture brought to mind a huge bed of cleome I had planted and the hummingbird moths that clustered around them at night.

Luke Eidenschink
Used with Permission

Hummingbird Moth in the Moonlight
The wee things of night curl about the stones
waving in the soft breeze,
the greyed green of ferns,
the soft coyote brown of mushrooms,
the white stars high in the sky.
In tones of grey, black, white
poems fall from the sky
and explode in tiny bits of ecstasy.
Ferns giggle softly as we wander
the ley lines beneath the stones.
Hush. Magic is happening.
Hush. Magic is curling in upon itself
like a hummingbird moth’s proboscis
drinking nectar from cleome –
mauve in the moonlight.

hummingbird moth

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