It is the 22nd Day of NAPOWRIMO. For Fireblossom’s last prompt at Real Toads. she is asking us to pick a pic and write about it. The pics are based upon her posts throughout the years. The title of the prompt is Beware of Poor Substitutions! Shay, thanks for being a friend and a poetic mentor.

“I know it’s not butter.” Anthony Bourdain

instant coffee – Postum no less.
Ersatz powdered crèamer.
Powdered artificial sweetener.
No wonder I can’t get going in the morning.
Or rather,
the false dawn in which my digital alarm goes off.
tokens in the fare slot on the bus,
a Danish with artificial jam.
No wonder I crash and burn before 9:00 a.m.
my plane crashes on the runway –
I don’t stand a chance.


The Notes: Postum is a powdered roasted-grain beverage popular as a coffee substitute. The caffeine-free beverage was created by Post Cereal Company founder C. W. Post in 1895 and marketed as a healthful alternative to coffee.

The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes

Day 19 NAPOWRIMO  Kerry’s prompt at Real Toads – your muse

The Sensitive Plant Frank Dicksee

The Girl With Kaleidscope Eyes
“Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes And she’s gone.” Lennon/McCartney

Sitting in the ancient oak
thinking –
his empty eyes
as he hung from the ceiling,
remembering the look in my mother’s eyes
as she lay dying.
Hearing the birds in the forest
and across the way,
the one lone crow.


For the last day of Nanoitsoveratlast!  Bjorn is giving us the prompt over at Real Toads. He is asking us to turn nouns into verbs.  Yippee!  Something light and fun for this last day.


She is blued
with all the colors of the sky
And greened with the colors
of her ocean….
Seashelled and seaweeded
she dips and leaps with joy.
Her hair is bronzed and tangled
She is humaned and fished –
She is mermaided.

Eres Tu

Today is day 14 of Nannerwomo. Marian has given us our prompt today in the form of a music video about a happy gay wedding – Eres Tu. I was totally unfamiliar with the artist and music video prompts annoy me. so I cut off the sound and loved the video! This reminded me of my wedding day. My husband invited his aunts and uncles, I invited my friend, most of whom come from the LBGT community. Unlike the happy video, his family did not speak to my friends. They had a good time anyway and we all danced and disco’d down. His family left early. My best friend who is a lesbian was actually my husband’s “best man”. Come to Real Toads to read poetry for this poetry month. #30 in 30

Eres Tu
He looked at the picture and realized –
he looked like his father.
His father who disowned him.
He shaved off his beard and looked –
like himself.
Today of all days
he looked like himself –
Happy and at peace
and totally in love.
He stood with his partner
surrounded by friends and grandparents,
by those who truly loved them and wished them well.
The two figures on the wedding cake,
Two grooms –
will be placed in their china closet
to remind them of this happy day.
And that thankfully,
he isn’t his father.

public domain

Long ago rooms

Day 11 of NAPOWRIMO….the prompt at Real Toads is to use the phrase “long ago rooms” from a Maya Angelou poem and to use 12 or less lines to write the poem.  #30 in 30.

Long Ago Rooms
Through open windows drifts the scents
of honeysuckle gardenia magnolia –
Books are covered with dust
And unread – memories sleep
in these long ago rooms.
Childhood has become old age
laughter has been stilled –
the night lasts forever.

The end of the World as We Know It

Day 9 of Nannernoopoo over at Real Toads, #30 in 30.  today the prompt is Waiting. I am also posting to Poets United midweek motif – vision

The end of the World as We Know it
The Celestial Zookeeper
took us from the sky – She laid
us here until her final return –
We sank into this earth until
only our outlines remain –
until the Celestial Zookeeper returns.
When she returns we will again
walk the heavens
until we turn off every star
and the universe sleeps in darkness

fair trade – Nazca lines

diagram of geoglyphs


Day Six of Nano-nano. or whatever it is. At Real Toads, doing the prompt thing with them.  Today the prompt is “speaking with another’s voice”.

We became one the first time you held me.
I reflected your face in my surface –
We became one the first time I felt your tears.
We became one the first time I tasted your blood.
I remember that first day you pulled me from my sheath.
You wept at my beauty and then you pulled me
Against your hand and I felt your pain and tasted your blood.
I felt your wonder as you swung me through
The air and your heart beating through my handle.
I felt your love for me as you named me:
Minamikaze – South Wind
I am the gentle wind from the south,
The white dragon – the one who flies above the clouds.
I am yours as you are mine.

NaPoWriMo3 – Once Upon a Yesterday

Today, NaPoWriMo3 calls for a “fourteener” – a poem with fourteen syllables per line, like the classic “Casey At the Bat”. I may have missed a syllable or two in this first effort.

Thank you Wikipedia

Thank you Wikipedia

Once Upon A Yesterday
Once upon a yesterday there was a green meadow here –
A meadow that swept and rolled held in the arms of old trees
And blackberry brambles surrounded by a laughing creek.
I walked this meadow in the spring while birds soared overhead

Once I happened upon a hidden nest of cautious quail.
Nestled in a dip of the field shuttered by golden grass.
As the mother tucked her chicks beneath her wings, I said,
Stay in peace, I mean no harm as I swiftly backed away.

Wild pears fringed around the edge – a fragrant fluttering snow.
Wild rabbits would break and run in front of me and
Field mice hid under dandelion leaves, tiny and brown.
A doe and her fawn stopped in their tracks gazing at me, eyes wide.

And as I walked on, I think they thought that I did not see.
I turned to look back and their grazing picked up where they stopped.
Tender spring greens, clover and grass – a meal for royalty.
I continued to walk through paradise under an azure sky.

Once upon a yesterday there used to be a meadow here.
The summer sun beat on my shoulders as I walked at high noon
Or tagged along behind me in that blue hour at twilight.
Sunset blazed and for a moment silence reigned supreme.

Birds, mice, and frogs – All the small people who flew, danced, sang here.
Dandelions, wild iris, yarrow, bluets, and borage,
And wild magnolias like small stars in their dark green sky
All these citizens lost as machines chewed up the meadow.
And spit out into dump trucks to be taken….somewhere.

Once upon a yesterday there used to be a meadow here.
Golden with autumn flowers and weathered grasses and leaves.
Tiny chickadees hanging on to the dried stalks of grass
As they ate their frugal meals of seeds under a blue autumn sky.

Trees of all hues – with some created just for this season
Colors now lost and never to be seen ever again.
Once upon a yesterday there used to be a meadow here –
Silent under an iron winter sky where hawks hunted
For a sparse repast that barely gets them by ‘till tomorrow.
My silent feet left no footprints on the hard frozen earth.
Deep winter and the field slept buried protecting snow.
The only tracks were those belonging to the deer, raccoons,
Curious cats, scampering squirrels, and nomadic dogs

Like a murdered corpse the meadow lies open to the sky
And the indifference of men and their ravenous machines.
I can smell it from across the way – the earth ripped open
And smelling sweet and metallic like freshly spilled blood.
I stood there at the verge of my woods gazing at what was
and is no more- the lone mourner weeping without a sound
At the funeral of all that was and is no more
Once upon a yesterday there used to be a meadow here.


NaPoWriMo4 – Mono aware 物の哀れ

Prompt for NaPoWriMo is love – in love or lost love or breaking up.


Cherry blossom petals
floated onto his open
hands reminding him of all
he had thrown away.

Warm spring sun stood at
zenith in an azure sky,
pink against blue – cherry blossoms
wept tears on his cheeks.

copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura

dVerse Poets Pub and NaPoWriMo 2

Today at dVerse Poets Pub, Grace is challenging us with the poetry form, villanelle. which I am now calling “Villain Nell”…this is also for Day 2 of NaPoWriMo…..This is my first villanelle. It may even be my last. But this is written about the day the first love of my life left and returned to Japan. It’s spring, it’s cherry blossom time, there is mention of stars for the NaPoWriMo Day 2 prompt. Whew!I’ve linked to dVerse.

The Day You Left

The day you left sakura wept,
Pink and white petals swirled in the wind.
The song in my heart forever slept.

Frozen stars in the night sky crept
To bloody dawn and empty day
The day you left sakura wept.

Over pink and white petals I stepped
Tiny grave stones marking the place where
The song in my heart forever slept.

To the past of our life my dreams leapt,
where we danced under the trees,
The day you left sakura wept.

That last kiss you took and kept
Folded in paper placed next your heart where
The song in my heart forever slept.

And you, alone now you slept
Did you dream of me as I of you?
The song in my heart forever slept.
The day you left sakura wept.

Japan cherry blossom guide - Osaka

Japan cherry blossom guide – Osaka



The First Plum Blossom – 梅

copyrighted image by Kanzensakura

copyrighted image by Kanzensakura

The first plum blossom:
Sweet star shines under blue sky
Birds make their wishes


April 1st is the first day of NaPoWriMo where the challenge is to write 30 poems in 30 days. I’ve not done this before and I hope I can keep it up! There are many bloggers participating in this.  Some are members of the dVerse Poets Pub, of which I am a community member.  I look forward to reading lots of new poetry!

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