For Hedge’s 55. For those of you who have never heard or, never listened to a cardinal, I am including the music they make.  This is also posted for Poets United Poetry Pantry.  Happy Mothers Day to you all. If your mother is still alive, let her know how much you love her. My mother died last June. I miss her every day.

Ninety-three degrees at noon.
The scent of white clover is heavy.
Sitting in the shade on my back porch –
A cardinal on top of the birdhouse –
spot of blood against the greenyellowblue
The sound follows me down into my dreams –
Like a tiny temple bell – but
I can’t find my way back home

Quadrille #2 – Sleepy Afternoon

Today, the magic word at dVerse Quadrille prompt is: lull. Come join us and submit your own 44 word poem containing “lull”. This is a new feature prompt at the dVerse Poets Pub. Come join in and also see the lovely video Bjorn took of his wife skating.

a warm summer day
lazing in a hammock
stretched between two
trees – drowsy drone of bees
and scent of honeysuckle and clover
can lull even the busiest of minds
into fragrant repose.
A distant lawnmower says
Get Busy!
I gnore. I am lulled.

public domain book illustration

public domain book illustration

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