Twofer – Too Fun Toosday – NC Clogging and Irish Dancing

I am a North Carolina girl…a Tarheel of the Nth Degree.  I grew up a few blocks from Duke’s East Campus and sometimes, mistook it as an extension of our yard and therefore, part of my playground.

The wonderful thing about NC is our varied and wonderful heritage – a rich Scots Irish heritage that stretches from the seacoast to the mountains.  Music, food, dance, religion… all merged and settled into that beautiful state and became a unique part of us all.   When I was a young woman, I spent much time in the mountains at a commune of holistic health practitioners – back when holistic was not a part of health insurance and practice the way it is now.  One of the things I learned in more depth while a member of this commune, was folk music and folk dancing.

I already knew some Irish dancing based on my family heritage and because of the fondness folk from NC have for traditional dance and music.  When I went to the mountains, I REALLY learned how – clogging and traditional Irish dancing are happy family members.  I also learned the side-by-side comparison of the dance and music and the origins of such music and dance.

I found this fun video showing this.  I was feeling a wee bit homesick for NC and so went looking for such as this.  This time of year in NC is big time music and dance festival time.

I hope you enjoy this side-by-side dancing.  We are proud of our origins and traditions, our music and our dance.  If you ever listen to bluegrass music, you might pick up some of the centuries old melodies and methods in it.  We are American, we all of us came here from somewhere else – or at least our ancestors did.  Mine came from Ireland and are a rather heady mix of the Vikings and the Irish.  My father used to quietly excuse himself from some of the all-family gatherings and leave us to our dancing, music, and telling of tales.

But from wherever you hail, enjoy these lovely young lasses dancing the best of both worlds.   

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