Back step singing and Starting back to school

Tomorrow I start back to school for the first time in ages.  I have my books:  Pharmaceutical Calculations, Pharmacy Law, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Compounding and Drug Dispensing.  I am pumped. I am scared.

As usual, I can’t sleep.  When in doubt, I often look to music.  During the Christmas holidays, at 3:00 am in the morning, as I looked up at the stars and connected with their Maker, I threw back my arms and belted out the Halleluia Chorus.  I am no singer, but what I lack in expertise and tone, I make up for with joy and jumping up and down and waving my arms.

Tonight, I already feel the song to the stars in my soul:  Nessun Dorma from Puccini’s unfinished opera, Turandot.  This version is by Pavaroti, live in Paris.  The English translation is below.  I find many of the words apt and the tune always makes my heart feel too big for my chest.  So often I have sat on my back steps and watched it snow, felt the rain fall upon me, wrapped myself in my grandmother’s quilt while frost gathered on the grass, listened to cicada, inhaled the incredible aroma of honeysuckle. So many poems written as I sat alone and felt the world move around me.

Not everyone is into opera, but I think we all are into living our lives fully and with passion.  Close your eyes, let the incredible beauty of the melody enter you, let the inspirational power of the human voice lift you to the stars….and please, don’t think of me singing this when you do. I want you to soar, not bunny hop!

Nobody shall sleep!… 
Nobody shall sleep! 
Even you, o Princess, 
in your cold room, 
watch the stars, 
that tremble with love and with hope.
But my secret is hidden within me,
my name no one shall know… 
On your mouth I will tell it when the light shines.
And my kiss will dissolve the silence that makes you mine!…
(No one will know his name and we must, alas, die.)
Vanish, o night! 
Set, stars! Set, stars! 
At dawn, I will win! I will win! I will win!

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