Happy New Year: Three Little Words

First of all, thank you.  All of you have made this past year amazing in so many ways.  When I had to have my SamCat put to sleep, you all poured out your love and thoughts and although you all are “invisible”, I felt the hugs and encircling arms.  Yet again you all made me believe in the “kindness of unstrangers”, the readers who become friends who become family.  Thank you all and may this new year be full of blessings to you for all the blessings you have shared with me.  Happy New Year – peace, love, good health, joy, inspiration – all of this and more is wished for you.

Now….At the beginning of every year, after a couple of weeks of meditation and prayer, I pick three words to be my goals, dreams, working for – in the new year.  After much contemplation and discarding words such as brave, hope, share, inspiration, I came up with three little words – Happy New Year.  Yes, Happy, New, Year.

The words were staring me right in the face.  If they had been snakes, I’d have been eaten.  So:

Happy:  to strive to be happy, to share that happiness, to create happiness – goal #1

New:  It is a year.  2015 is past and 2016 is here.  To look at life and people with a different perception, in new ways, to meet new people, to try new things, to move forward.  Goal #2

Year:  The time I’ve been given as a gift.  Something to claim and make my own.  To go through that year one day at a time.  To work hard to make this year the best ever for others, for me, for the earth.  Goal #3

I hope this year ahead is good for all of us.  We have our work cut out for us to make this year Happy, New, and the best ever.  Please pray for me and send up good thoughts towards these three new goals.  I will be doing the same for you.  Happy New Year!  Happy happy New new Year year.

copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura

new year sky: cloud paths
lead in many directions –
our choice where we go.

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