Friday Fun – Change Your Life

How’s those resolutions hanging, hey? First, set realistic goals and take realistic actions. For example, I want to eat more healthily. Good goad. Now…DON’T empty your pantry and fridge of all the food and buy a whole bunch of stuff you don’t like, won’t eat, don’t know how to prepare. Start in small steps: piece of fruit daily. More veggies with your meals. Cut down on fat and sodium (not cut out).

The change has to be inside you. You have to want it. With that in mind, I am posting a video from my favorite group o’ guys, World Order, from Japan. You may not understand the words but the message is clear: the choice and the way is inside you. Use it. Network with friends and … have fun.

Change your life – forever!!! Now get out there and rock those resolutions with your bad self…

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