Simple Things – Summer Night Storm

This is for Kerry’s prompt at Real Toads – 10 lines or less about uncomplicated things.  One of my favorite forms – the haibun – classic of course and none of this modern nonsense – another uncomplicated thing! I am also linking this to Poets United Poetry Pantry:

Summer Night Storm
Through the trees I can see the lightning flashing – smell the wet rain in the air. Not the smell of petrichor but rather, the rich wetness of long absent rain, the much needed rain, 恵雨 keiu – welcome rain. I hear the rain before it starts as it runs across the leaves of the trees and then the roofs of  houses, the road, and then here. Sudden rushing welcome rain. I stand outside in spite of the lightning and let it drench me.  I hold my arms up to the sky and smile.

still summer air weighs
heavy against the trees and
then the rain begins

rain – shotei 1859


dVerse Poets Pub – Open Link Night

It is Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub. You can submit any one poem of your choice on subject and form. Come join us!

I hope
night falls gently in mid-May –
the sun fades but it is still bright
yet muted. birds sing their night songs
and the cardinal on the wire
serenades his territory –
Thweeeeee purty purty purty!
honeysuckle drifts on the gentle breeze.
the world is preparing for sleep.
I hope it is a restful night for all
I hope it is a night with sweet dreams
and full stomachs and hearts full of love.
but I hope. I hope.

Open Link Night

A haiku based on Lillian’s prompt of Tuesday to turn words into verbs.  Join us at Open Link Night (no prompt, submit one poem of your choice).  Neve (nay-vay) is a wonderful word.  It means a field of granular snow accumulated on high mountains. It is also known as old snow.   OpenLinkNight #188

Closeup of snowfield winter background

winter indigoes
night skies – sequined with stars the
skies become neve





Quadrille Monday – Shimmer

Today Victoria is giving us the prompt word for Quadrille Monday.  We are to write a poem of exactly 44 words (not including the title).  Our word is “shimmer”.  Isn’t that a wonderful word?  Come visit us at dVerse Poets Pub and read the Quadrilles for “shimmer”.  Because the poems are only 44 words, it won’t take you long to read and enjoy.  I am using one of my favorite Japanese season words (kigo) – Amanogawa – the Japanese word for the Milky Way  – the River of Heaven. dVerse Link for Quadrille #6

The Eternal River
The river of heaven shimmers in the night sky.
its shape seems to be asking eternal questions
or flowing to the answers.
when I look up at night,
seeking or finding –
I am the impermanence,
the one who changes.
The river flows – eternal.

free public domain image

free public domain image Milky Way


First Frost – Haibun

Today is Open Link Night at the d’Verse Poetics Pub. Gayle is acting as bartender. Open Link means any poem can be submitted. Stop by for a visit and read some of the poems linked. There is no prompt so there will be a variety of offerings! On a cool autumn night, get warmed up by reading inspired poets’ work or, submit one of your own.

copyright Kanzensakura aka Toni Spencer

copyright Kanzensakura aka Toni Spencer

First Frost
Thinking of you, always of you. Last night a bright ring around a full moon. Hazy clouds conceal stars but allow the moon to shine forth. Silent deer pass through my yard casting only a slight glance my way. They are well acquainted with this night roaming human and glide past me as the haughty buck leads his harem to the almost stripped garden next door. I close my eyes for just a moment and when I open them again, I find frost has formed, silent as diamond dust, upon the grass and fallen leaves and branches. Dawn is near.

I pick up a faded oak leaf and gently blow upon it. The frost disappears, gone in a slight gust of warm breath. Another exhale to see my breath steam in the cold air. Proof – I am still alive. Unbidden, as I look upon the silent world, the words – “*the only living boy in New York…” steals from my lips. No one hears me except the frost.

autumn dawn – first frost
outlines brittle brown leaves – lone
crow hears my footsteps

*Only Living Boy in New York – Paul Simon – Bridge Over Troubled Water album

Meeting the Bar – Trimeric Poetic Form

Today at d’Verse Poetics, Mary is our pubkeeper. She has introduced us to the Trimeric Poetic form – a lovely and adaptable form. Come visit us to find out more about this form and read the poems submitted. I hope you will be inspired to try your own and link it up!

The Full Moon is the Watchdog
The full moon is the watchdog
Guarding the shadows of night –
muted leaves whisper
Secrets to the listening wind.

Guarding the shadows of night
The moon gazes as the cold wind
ripples fallen leaves on the empty road.

Muted leaves whisper
And are echoed by drowsy crickets
and a family of sleepy owls.

Secrets to the listening breeze
Are murmured by the pewter creek
Sleep walking through silver reeds.

 Andō Hiroshige 1797 – 1858 Full Moon and Reeds

Andō Hiroshige 1797 – 1858 Full Moon and Reeds

dVerse Poetics – Open Link Night 150- 俳文 初雪

Today is Open Link Night at dVerse Poetics and it is #150!!!!!  We do not submit to a prompt but rather, submit a poem of our choice.  I have done a haibun – 俳文 – for first snow – 初雪   Please come join us.  Submit your own poetry and read the offerings of very differently talented writers. 

初雪 Hatsuyuki
Deep winter and total blackness of the night. The stillness of the night awakens me as if it had been a deafening clap of thunder.

I lie under the quilt, warm and cozy but….something in the atmosphere beckons. I change into jeans and heavy sweater, socks and shoes and open the front door. Since going to bed, it has begun to snow.

Ignoring the cold, I step out onto our front porch. Miraculous transformation! Smooth glowing white covering the yard. Against the blacker than the black night trees, silvery white snow has clumped into vees of little branches – night blooming winter magnolias they seem to be.

I carefully go down the steps and into the yard, turning slowly to see all around. The air is cold and sweet with the perfume of snow and it is so silent…so very silent I can hear the snow falling – a slight hissing sound as tiny flakes strike against each other, slough off from each other, group together and fall.straight.down.

I look up at the sky and can see the snow clouds against the black of the sky. I lift my face – bit of instant fire touching my cheeks, lips, eyelids….I hold out my hands.
It is the first snow of the season:  初雪 Hatsuyuki

midnight: snow flowers
spiral down and quickly die
on my outstretched hand.

I walk to the trees at the verge of the woods. I can see against the rough black bark where bits of snow have settled into the crevices of the bark – like exotic plants on the steep side of the cliff. I touch the snow with my lips – soft cold against rough and then melting. I bow my head against the tree – I murmur 侘寂 wabi-sabi

The stillness, the snow, the silence. I am no longer here but there – years past on the viewing platform at Ryoanji. On the wall sit hundreds of suzume – sparrows. Like me, they are watching the rocks in the 枯山水, karesansui. Feathers fluffed against the cold, tiny bright eyes seeing all. I watch the rocks, silent, down jacket pulled close against the cold. The air becomes sweet and before the suzume begin to flutter, I know…snow. I feel them on my face before I see the flakes and soon, they stick to the gravel, to the moss around the base of the rocks. The birds flutter off to more sheltered spaces but a few stay for the crumbs the humans leave behind.

Ryoanji and hatsuyuki. I stay until the moss is white and the suzume have all left. Straight down and fast, the snow falls. I stand and bow the long, deep bow of deepest respect. As I leave, it comes together for me – impermance, the beauty of imperfection, the deep sadness at the passing of things – the snow that melts, the birds that fly away…and the rocks that stay behind.

Snow falls. White *sho-ru.
Silence drifts to cover rocks.
Peaceful dragon sleeps.


Midnight Run

Over at dVerse Poets Pub, Meeting the Bar, Bjorn is having us us write 14 line poems with a volta. This is not my usual style and truth  be told, it is probably one of the worst poems I have ever written.  I don’t know if I will even put it in my “to be polished” folder.  But I tried!  And it does rhyme, after a fashion – badly. I’m not even sure if it is a legitimate poetic form. Mea culpa.


Fitful winds tear brittle fog
swirling it erratically about the street.
Hollow taps of running feet –
behind her she knows he follows –
into an alley she slips to hide
and silently into shadows she glides.

Silent still she crouches and hears him pass.
still hiding, waiting – should she go?
softly, slowly rising – walking on tiptoe
to the street, looking both ways.
there, on the corner under the light
He turns and has her in his sight.

He freezes – shoulders high she begins to run,
Leaps onto his chest and bares her teeth – this is going to be fun.


4:18 A.M. 04/18/2014

Warm spring night,
I sit alone.
Down by the creek,
the frogs and night peepers
sing to the sky
and to me.
Looking up at the stars,
The darkness in my heart disappears.

mi ni shimu

dark night – quiet. sound
of cicadas a memory.
empty night – empty heart.

Story in Six Words: 初雪 hatsu yuki


Summer night:
I dream
of snow.


invisible night
rain: darkness weeps – tears not mine
blind my drowsy eyes



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