Today at Toads Karin is giving the prompt for the 30 poems in 30 days poetry romp. This poem is not part of that but I did like the prompt immensely. #Not nanopomo or whatever it is.  Toads is celebrating the 30 in 30.

White narcissus bloom
around the decaying potting shed
where Nobody’s Cat crept under
that last bitter snow and died.
Now from under the shed
comes a small black and white cat –
the daughter of Nobody’s Cat
and looking just him –
Except she is half the size
and has a mouse grey kitten
(the size of its mother)
trailing behind her.
She is feral and will bear no human touch.
I put out food in a certain place
for her to eat.
The cat and kitten play around the shed.
The tomb of Nobody’s Cat
Is full of life. A second chance at life.
I weep narcissus tears
at his loss but smile when I see his offspring
playing in the sun.

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Poets United: Midweek Motif

I have been out of the poetry rounds for several weeks due to problems with my eyes.  The MD has cleared me and I am back on the circuits again.  This is about a stray tuxedo tom who I began feeding a couple of autumns ago.  I didn’t want to love him, I just wanted to feed him.  But I fell in love of course.  I called him Nobody’s Cat.  I am posting this for Poets United Mid-week Motif on animals.

The Potting Shed

The old potting shed is slowly returning to the earth
settling down on its crumbling stone foundations,
roof slates cracked or missing,
paint fading and flaking.
The fact remains that underneath
Nobody’s Cat burrowed in during the last snow
And died.
Daffodils’ green spears are thick and lush
around the perimeter of the old building.
the flowers stand like mourners
around a grave
as the sun slowly sets
in an explosion of
saffron ginger turmeric curry –
spiced winter day
ends in a flurry of last
waves of goodbye



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