dVerse Poetics – Meeting the Bar

free public domain clipart

free public domain clipart

Today at dVerse, Bjorn has given us a totally different kind prompt for Meating the Barn. We are to write poems based on cathacresis. It derives from the Greek for “abuse”. Worse than mixed metaphors, it is just wrong metaphors…like “I shall speak daggers with my eyes” (Hamlet about Gertrude) or, smooth like waffle. And it is often used in nonsensical poetry, although to be honest, they seem to make sense, in an odd, offbeat manner. Anyway, don’t take this seriously or try to understand it – just scratch your head at it and have a laugh or two.

Wordless as a salient mummer,
The pollen tiptoed in on little rhino’s feet.
Like a patent euthanized against the sky
Heaving came – peachlike dankness fell.
Fortifed, I cast perils before swains
and essayed outside.
Alack, pollen slapped up my nose and I –
Kazoo! Kazoo! Kazoo!

Do I dare?
With revisions and circumcisions
And long divisions and xyvisions
I extanted the field.
Back to my recliner among the nightingales.

Whazoo! Whazoo! Whazoo!

And do I dare?
Staph and nunsense –
Like a crab clacking across
an airfield,
I shall wear my treasures roiled.
Pollen – thou art a hartless snitch.

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