Tuesday Poetics: Come with Me!

Lillian is hosting our virtual pub, dVerse Poets Pub. She wants us to take each other along on our vacation or trips. I wrote a haibun in imitation of Basho and his original haibun about his trip centuries ago. Pawley’s Island is a wonderful place – one of the oldest vacation places on the east coast. Originally the Pee Dee and Wee Need Indians settled the island (a barrier island off the coast of SC). In the early 1700’s, planters discovered the island and settled there during the summer months knowing the hot humid air along the Waukamaw River was unhealthy. From April until the first frosts of November, the families of the planters lived on that barrier island. Many of the original structures still stand on the island. You park in one of various parking areas on the island and walk or golf cart about to other places on the island. It is a national treasure. Come join us at dVerse Poets Pub today and go on vacation with us! https://dversepoets.com/2016/09/13/take-me-along/

public domain photo

public domain photo

Pawley’s Island
We travelled from Richmond to Pawley’s Island on a Saturday. A trip of five to six hours. We arrived just a few minutes ahead of sunset. Before we unpacked the car, we parked in a low lying parking area and walked up the high bank on which the homes were constructed and stood, watching the sun slip into the ocean. We stood and listened to the ocean, to the sound of children laughing and adults calling out to one another, and the sound of the ocean with its booming waves crashing against the beach as the tide came in. At last, we walked back down to the car and carried our things into the cottage we had rented. All the houses had walkways over the salt marshes and at the end of each, was either a gazebo or seats around the ends of the walkways. People love to sit on these and drink their morning coffee, have cookouts, or fish or party! We spent the evening on our deck enjoying the fresh ocean breezes and eating take-out hamburgers from the small joint about a mile away. All the windows to the house were open and it was wonderful to go to sleep with the sound of the waves and the breezes playing about. Next morning we had breakfast on our deck and waved to our neighbors to the right and left of us. Then we walked down to the beach in front of our cottage, stuck in our beach umbrella and sat, watching the other people, residents and transients enjoying the day. I took a walk searching for shells. I was delighted to land in a current of water that brought in sand dollars, swirling in the ocean waves like thin, bony UFOs landing on the shore of the beach. Sitting under the gazebo at the end of our cottage, I was surprised to see an alligator come swimming in the salty water of the salt marsh! I caught several mullets and cleaned them and cooked them on the grill on the deck. It was a wonderful supper! We had a wonderful time at the beach for two weeks and then it was time to head home. We returned home filled with fresh fish, ocean breezes, and a small basket filled with sand dollars and other shells.

sand dollars swirl in
ocean waves – summer sun warms
sand beneath my feet

public domain photo

public domain photo

public domain photo - sand dollar

public domain photo – sand dollar

Duality of Light – 波動粒子の二重性


(Hadō ryūshi no ni-jū-sei   波動粒子の二重性)  

For all my geek buds:  Light is a wave and a particle 🙂


sunrise wave


 Sunrise flows over

Hilltops:   A tsunami of light.

I surf without fear. 


Darkness  falls.   I blow

sun dust from my skin.  Firefly

sparks swirl in the night.


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