er, Thank you – I think or, The Odd Christmas Gift

My husband and I had a very quiet Christmas.  For various reasons, money was beyond tight and so, our Holiday Budget was next to null sum.

My husband had two gifts for me.  The first was expected and asked for:  a new cutting board.  The second gift was a surprise – in more ways than one.  I pulled from the happy Christmas bag a bottle of….Poopourri.  Yes, really.

I’m still trying to figure out the why of this gift.  Of course, it is obvious but, but….I looked at him in puzzlement.  It is a natural solution for a natural process and byproduct.  But…but….why now?  He just grinned like the demented elf of  a man he can sometimes be, totally pleased with himself and his gift choice.

And then last night, he asks me, does it work?  Again I give him the “Really?” look mixed up with puzzlement, mild dismay, and a frown.  “I don’t know, does it?”  And to top it all off, it came with a small travel bottle so if I am at someone’s house, I can go and no one will know!  Wow. Oh wow wow wow.

I am not endorsing this product but the commercials shown on YouTube are a hoot and well, yes it does work.  So to my husband, Thank you – I think.  And you’re welcome to use it anytime.



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