Happy 4th of July and in memory of Huntmode, Peggie Duggan

Last year, my beloved friend Huntmode, on her Chasing Rabbit Holes blog, posted this video of the Star Spangled Banner. A lot has happened since last year. My friend and a friend to many, Huntie died May 15 of this year. She was a true patriot and loved this country and all the people in it.

In memory of this good friend and because we have such a wonderful country that we love, let’s crank this up and sing it, shout it with our hearts. Let’s come together as Americans – not special Americans, but Americans who truly love this country. And Huntie, I know you will be singing this with us.

Happy 4th of July. God bless America. God bless us all. And let us sing as one and pray for healing for our country.  And thank a veteran!!!!!!

Born to Rescue – September 11

After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Cynthia Otto took care of the search-and-rescue dogs. Years later she established a Working Dog Center where young pups are put through specialized training to prepare them to help victims of disaster.

Otto made this comment about these rescue animals: “There are so many jobs now that dogs are being used for . . . and they can save lives.” Otto said that these puppies will one day give vital aid to people in life-threatening circumstances. They are “born” to rescue others.

Today, let us remember those who were murdered in these insidious and cowardly attacks. Let us remember the family and friends who lost loved ones. Let us remember those, who in the midst of horrific circumstances, rushed into harm’s way to rescue those in peril. Let us remember those persons who in the midst of terror, acted selflessly and heroically, and often at the cost of their lives, to rescue co-workers and strangers.

Let us never forget that although this is an anniversary of terrorism, it is also an anniversary of bravery, kindness, and love – a day when we as a country came together in grief and prayer, united with love for our country and each other.

We do not think of this, but we too are born to rescue. Let us remember to show kindness and love to each other for every day is precious. Our country and our freedoms are precious.

Today, thank a member of emergency services: firefighters, police, medical emergency workers. They were born to rescue us.

God bless America. God bless and help us all.

public domain photo

public domain photo

Happy and blessed 4th of July (USA)

Happy 4th of July! Thank you to all of our military personnel – active and retired. Thank you to our law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency workers.

I hope you all have happy and safe holiday.  God bless us everyone and God bless the USA.

Fireworks – getting ready for 4th of July

From our friends across the great pond = a spectacular firesworks display along with a wonderful performance of the end of the 1812 Overture. This work is one of my sentimental favorites. I was in my high school band. I played several different instruments and performed in the marching band, the show band, the baroque ensemble and on this particular piece of music, I got to play the tubular glockenspiels which represents the ringing of the church bells in victory. I had to have a six inch platform built so I can run back and forth and reach the bells with my percussion hammers. It was too much fun beating the heck out of those beautiful tubes of brass and making that sound fill up the auditorium. Of course, a mistake could be easily heard so I rehearsed and rehearsed. Beat the heck out of playing the bassoon during this piece!

But this is an inspiring piece of music and is perfectly paired with celebrations that involve fireworks. I hope this gets you in the mood for 4th of July – We have something wonderful to celebrate! God bless our military – active and veterans. God bless the USA.

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