The First Plum Blossom – 梅

copyrighted image by Kanzensakura

copyrighted image by Kanzensakura

The first plum blossom:
Sweet star shines under blue sky
Birds make their wishes


April 1st is the first day of NaPoWriMo where the challenge is to write 30 poems in 30 days. I’ve not done this before and I hope I can keep it up! There are many bloggers participating in this.  Some are members of the dVerse Poets Pub, of which I am a community member.  I look forward to reading lots of new poetry!


Japanese plum blossom (c) Kanzensakura

Japanese plum blossom (c) Kanzensakura

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Last week,
Bitter, bleak,
Snow melted from fluff
To thick rime of ice.
My cat and I
Stood at the window and sighed.

Last night,
Sweet and almost warm
The thousand voiced choir
Of frogs and peepers sang.
My cat and I
Went outside and danced under the stars.

Almost spring, sweet breath
Of plum blossoms in the night –
Almost like a dream.

Ume ga ka 梅が香 Tanka

I walk in moonlit
night guided by sweet wine smell
first plum blossoms of spring most
beautiful of all.


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