For Paul’s Poetics. We are to write about change. Mujo is the Japanese word for change. A couple of years ago I did a haibun prompt for dVerse about Ch-ch-ch-changes, mujo. Now we have it in poetry form. Change is good! I outlined my plans for changes in my haibun Monday. Mono no aware is the term for sadness of at the passing of things.

Bare plum tree – skeleton
sleeping upright in deep snow –
shivers in wind dreams –
Plum tree awakes – buds
sprout tiny and vulnerable
awaiting spring warmth.
the first plum blossom –
sweet star shines under blue sky –
birds make their wishes –
plum tree blossoms – pink
constellations now earthbound –
heavenly river.
Pink stars laugh for a day –
rains rush overnight –
stars fade, fall onto grass.
all things grow faint – weary – die away –
wind blows the petals
across the grass –
beauty is brief –
mono no aware

copyright kanzensakura

Quadrille Monday #28

Today is Quadrille Monday and Kim Russell is our Pubtender!  Write your poem of exactly 44 words using the prompt word “spring”. The poems are super short – so come visit and get your monthly dose of poetry!


the calendar says spring is
just a kite flight away –
although the nights are freezing cold,
days are chilly but growing longer.
trees are blooming scattering their petals
in the harsh wind.
the full Worm Moon glistens on frost
In the night –
plum blossoms shiver

public domain photo

Two Spring Haiku – 春 俳句

Katsushika Hokusai- Plum Blossom and the Moon from the book Mount Fuji in Spring

Katsushika Hokusai- Plum Blossom and the Moon from the book Mount Fuji in Spring

Night haze softens bare
trees – plum blossoms secretly
begin to unfold.

First full moon of spring
Frogs sing loudly from the creek –
Bare trees listening.

Kawanabe Kyosai - 1879

Kawanabe Kyosai – 1879




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