dVerse Poetics: Oldies But Goodies

Before Lillian starts her cruise, she is again hosting Poetics over at dVerse. She is asking us to pick a song from the year we were born and to write about it. You’re going to have to look up the song to find out the year I was born! Pub opens Tuesday at 3:00 pm EST.  https://dversepoets.com/2017/04/11/oldies-but-goodies-no-matter-the-age/

How High the Moon
The young woman sat in the porch swing, pushing herself to and fro with her foot.  The full flower moon glinted off her wireframe glasses and in the darkness, her curly hair was coal black.  Inside the bedroom window facing onto the porch she had placed the radio so she could listen to music as she drifted in her thoughts.  The screen door opened and a young man came outside and joined her in the swing.  He looked at her with trouble in his eyes.  “What’s wrong?  You ate nothing at dinner and I cooked your favorites tonight”, he said softly.  The woman glanced at him, swallowed, then licked her lips.  Something was bothering her.  After a few minutes she whispered, “I’m pregnant”.  “What?,, what?”  She hung her head.  The young man gathered her into his arms.  “This is wonderful news, wonderful.  When?”  “November, mid or late.”  She snuggled in his arms and they began swinging again, gazing at the full moon.  On the radio began “How High the Moon” by Les Paul and Mary Ford.

full pink moon shines bright –
drifts of clouds across the moon –
kisses in the shadows


My sweet mama aged 16. copyright kanzensakura


Poetics: Muse Mixology

Today De (the lovely and talented WhimsyGizmo) is our prompter for Poetics. We are to use in 33 words or less(hopefully):…”today I’d like us to mix our muses up a bit by throwing some pub and drinking terms in the blender:
shaken,stirred, rum, vesper, name your poison, drown your sorrows, sour, whiskey, last call, etc. etc. etc.
Ah, but here’s the kicker: try to use these words in ways that have nothing to do with the bar scene, alcohol, or drinking. Use as many as you like; pour your poem as tall, short or neat as you like, and come back for another round. And if none of these words or phrases speak to you, go prohibition on us: write anything you want. Just make it short enough to fit on a cocktail napkin. (Keep it at 33 words or less.)” Alas! I went over the 33 words.

Summer Day
Grand Marnier sunrise,
Grenadine sunset,
Laphroaig night.
And flowing from the bottled day
a perfect Southern Comfort
kind of day – I pull a summer tomato
from the vine and take a bite.
Oh glorious Bloody Mary!
I laugh up into the sky
drunk with joy.

tree to produce stand nectarines

summer heirloom tomatoes – copyright Kanzensakura 2010 – 3010

dVerse Poetics: Come fly with me

Today Victoria is our guest prompter at d’Pub.  She is asking us to write of feathers.  What a wonderful thought!  Come visit us for this intriguing prompt.  Post your own poem and/or just simply read and enjoy.  It has been a long dry summer.  the other while walking, the trees were filled with cawing from crows.  My haiku is based upon this.  Native Americans believe the crow feather restores balance and release from old beliefs.  Come Fly with Me–dVerse Poetics

cawing fills the trees
black feather drifts down – gift from
the crows – rain begins


royalty free image

royalty free image


Poetic Spouses – Kiku

Another entry for dVerse Poet’s Pub where Kim is inspiring us to write of a poetic spouse, preferably of someone dead.  I could not resist doing a tanka for Kiku, the first wife of Kobayashi Issa and mother of his first two children who both died tragically young.  Their deaths inspired Issa to pen:  Tsuyu no yo wa tsuyu no yo nagari sari nagara:
this dewdrop world –
is a dewdrop world
and yet, and yet…

I loved you in the
warmth of our love – I will love
you in the coldness –
our children dissolved like dew
on the edge of summer grass



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