The Once and Future Queen

This is for the prompt at Real Toads, Doppelganger. We are asked if we look like someone else or if someone looks like us or if we have ever met a twin. My twin is a TV cooking show celebrity – Ina Garten. Except for the fact that I have long totally white hair and wear glasses, we look like twins. Except I don’t have freckles either. We are both plump and petite. Now how’s that for cool?

The Once and Future Queen
‘twas the oddest thing.
I was at the local produce stand
lightly stroking velvet peahes,
peeling back just enough of ears of corn
to make sure they were all small dainty kernels
and purest white like pearls.
A younger woman looked up at me
from her pile of corn and blinked – twice.
I smiled at her and she looked quickly back down.
Soon people were whispering and looking
as I was ready to pay for my purchases
when one woman, bolder than the rest asked,
Do you wear a wig for your TV show?
I looked at her in surprise and then asked,
Whom do you think I am?
She blushed and said, well you couldn’t be her.
You are southern as I am!
And flounced off as if I had insulted her.
When I paid for my purchases
the cashier laughed and said,
There was a rumor going around that Ina Garten
was here and buying produce for one of her tv shows.
I laughed.
My husband had told me before I looked like her.
Well, now, by tomorrow half of hanover county
will be saying they saw Ina Garten at the produce stand!

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