Real Toads: Not a Mermaid

Today over at Real Toads, we have another photo prompt for the Weekend. I don’t know what it is about these photo prompts that drive me straight to the back row of the Dark Places Drive-In!

photo by Man Ray 1929

The Not-a-Mermaid
She was caught in the fishermen’s net
and hung upside down to dry.
her hair hung in ripples
like the marks of the riptide
on the sand bar.
Poor dead thing,
admiring her hair in the breeze
as it wrapped around her,
She slipped and fell
off the cliff and drowned.
No mermaid –
Just another vain girl
hoist on her own petard –
or tangled in her own hair –
She dropped,
She drowned,
She was snared.
Only her hair still looks alive.
One of the fishermen admired her locks.
Quick as thought he chopped off her hair
with a gutting knife –
This’ll make a luverly wig for me wife!

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