Ashes of Love – 愛の灰 Ai no hai

When last I saw you
you had tears on your cheeks
and a boarding pass in your hand.
I let you go knowing if I tried
to stop you
eventually, you would still leave.
What was our love against
a dream, ambition, the culture
that made you unique and was
part of the reason I loved you?
Part of the reason I love you still?
An envelope of photographs,
letters with words of love,
dried cherry blossoms,
a lock of hair…
cold ashes now.
I burned the envelope
in a consuming fire
of flames, grief, anger.
One day, I will toss the ashes
into the wind.
One day…
but not today.

Poetry Collaboration – Sabishii  I’ve always been a loner.  but I have stepped out of that and into something so totally new and insanely wonderful, I feel like taking off my fuzzy bedroom shoes and going outside and running around in the snow to cool down some.  We had a major storm last night and received snowsnowsnow.  Yowzer y’all

but anyway, Please click on the link.  You will be taken to a great poetry blog, Hasty words.  super poet, great lady.  I’ve never done anything like this before – doing a poetic duet – but Hasty has.  She is not only talented in her own right, but she brings out talent in her poetry duetry partner.  Gracious and patient, funny and sincere.  I hope we do it again because it was fun, it was encouraging, it was a boost to my sometimes solemn and entrenched style.  Please go read this poet and please spend time on her page.  Get to know her better.  I think you’ll end up following her blog.


Koyo 紅葉

leaves softly falling
watching them I think of you
I hold one to my lips

These are the words…

Good bye.
Don’t go.
Come back.
These are the words I never said.
These are the words I wept in my heart.
I’ll stay.
I’ll never leave.
I’ll return.
These are the words you never said.
These are the words you never said.

月見 tsukimi

bittersweet. harvest
of longing, loss and tears. I
weep as the moon sleeps.


Anata ga inakute totemo samishii desu

You left years ago

Today:  Memories can’t fill

empty arms.  Cold ashes from

White hot passion blow

Like ghosts through my waking dreams.

And the love spans oceans still.

Nights in White Satin – For 雅

I did not write this song, but I wish I did….A song from my misspent youth.  It is in my mind today.  The song was performed b the Moody Blues.  It is not printed in its entirety – only what keeps playing in my head.  The music is haunting and sometimes wistful, other times dramatic

Nights in white satin,

Never reaching the end.

Letters I’ve written, never meaning to send.

Beauty I’d always missed

With these eyes before.

Just what the truth is

I can’t say anymore.

’cause I love you. Oh how I love you.

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