Two Summer Haiku

Here are two different traditional haiku using one of the Japanese kigo (seasonal words, which all traditional haiku should contain in the first line) – screen door or amido. A different feeling between the two haiku.


screen door has small hole –
mosquitoes invade hot night,
mean biters, no sleep.


outside of screen door
images blur to shadows –
cool and dim inside.

Pewter Landscape III

This is the final poem in the series taken from my tanka, Pewter Landscape, with lines from the tanka used in each poem. The quote line is from Shakespeare’s Richard the Third, act one, scene one, 1-4.

December night sky –
snow like frozen stars, silent
as dust falls to earth.
no wishes on these stars, no dreams.
line of black trees
separating white snow from pewter sky.
ghostly landscape sleeps.
summer photograph fades with time.
“the winter of our discontent”…
hopes become buried in the ocean of snow.

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