The Rain

For the Tuesday Platform over at Toads.

The Rain
Listen to me the way you listen
to the rain – with your head cocked
to one side and your eyes half closed,
a faint smile on your lips.
Touch me the way you touch the rain –
your fingertips extended and your hand cupped
feeling it with all your self.
Dance with me the way you
dance in the rain –
with total abandon
with joy and knowledge of the fleeting
nature of the rain,
holding your face up to take the kiss
of the rain fully and deeply,
your arms extended like the
wings of an owl,
ready to lift off into the sky.

dVerse Poets Pub – Quadrille Monday #2

Another submission for Grace’s Quadrille Prompt – green.  Come visit us!  44 word poems – won’t take you long to read and in this case, it is easy being green.

copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura

Pleasures of green
emerald, peridot, jade –
jewels of summer –
largesse of fields freed for us
to scoop up and enjoy –
a green lover that touches and teases
all our senses –
taste, smell, sight, touch.
smooth skins, hard lengths,
pleasures of green.
Warm, inviting – waiting for our use.

copyright kansensakura

copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura

ハンサム Hansamu

You in sun scented
Cotton shirt, jeans. My heart stops.
I sigh – have mercy.

Ocha wo Nigosu

He wanted to ask
but knew she would not tell.
Her eyes said much,
Her lips spake nothing.

He reached out to touch
a wisp of her hair,
loose and gently lifing in the breeze.
His hand stopped, just short.

Deeply he sighed.
Her face downcast, lashes
against her cheeks.
Again, he reached out to touch.

She looked up and held him
with her eyes.
This time he touched her hair.
Warm and soft as he knew her skin
would be. He caressed the delicate wave.
She turned and her lips
softly touched his hand.

Then she turned and walked away.

Saturday Afternoon: Boredom Destroyed

He sat on the steps of the back porch.
He leaned back, looking out over
The gravel garden and nishikigoi pond.
Clouds drifted listlessly in the summer blue sky.
He sighed, deeply and long.

The woman sat beside him.
Why so serious Watashi no saiai?
Without looking at her, he said,
She gave a low chuckle.

Well honey, we don’t have any crowder peas you can shell,
Or any grass for you to mow,
Or any windows that need to be washed.
We haven’t been invited to any pig pickin’s
And we don’t have a crick to go skinny dippin’ in.

He imitated her drawl – perfectly.
So what are you proposin’ darlin’?
She said, follow me. She stood and held her hand out.
You aren’t gonna whomp me with my sword, are you?
His eyes mischievously glinted.

She laughed. Honey love, I got better plans.
Already I am not bored. A southern woman
With a Japanese soul is never boring, he said.
She led him inside and upstairs.
She looked up at him and winked.

In their bedroom, she went to
A wooden box made of cherry wood.
She opened the box and pulled out
A small bundle wrapped in an old linen towel.
Get naked and run a tub of hot water, sir.

Add some bubbly stuff to it and get in.
And now I am mystified he said.
He soaked and watched as she unwrapped
An old, shining straight razor and a leather strop.
Back and forth she honed the razor.

She smiled. Relax. You’re gonna love this.
I gair-on-tee it. She sat behind him
On the back edge of the tub, with his head back between her knees
and wrapped his face in a hot wet washcloth.
Unable to see, he heard her mixing something in a cup.

And then he smelled the sweet smell
Of sandalwood shaving soap.
She tilted his head back and gazed down at him.
She unwrapped the cloth and gently
Began to apply the soap to his face with a soft brush.

He atared up at her. His brown almond eyes
Tender at the intent look in her round brown eyes.
Now buster, you’d best be still.
And with easy, deft strokes, she shaved him,
Wiped his face and applied old fashioned bay rum.

He finished his bath and stepped out.
She dried him off and handed him a clean tee shirt and shorts.
He smoothed his face with his hands.
I am no longer bored…and you are really good.
She grinned up at him, yes, I am.

And sashayed out of the room.

straight razor

The Samurai and the Lady

He parted the silk
and traced her skin with clusters of
pink sakura.  His lips
Followed their trail.  He
pulled flowers from the clusters,
scattering on her skin.
Teasingly he blew
them away.  Here, now there, and
And there.  He smiled and
Pulled her to him.  Soft
as petals against him, he
touched her in wonder.

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