d’Verse Poetics – Complicated Heart: haibun

Tuesday at d’Verse Poetics, Anthony is our pub tender. He has gifted us with eight original lines of poetry. He wants us to write a poem using three lines of our choice from the eight Please come visit us, read the original, amazing lines from this talented young man, read the poems linked and….link one of your own! Mr. Linky is good for 33 hours so you have plenty of time to submit one of your poems. The lines I have used are bolded and italicized. My submission for this is a haibun. October 5 is another special Haibun Monday!& If you enjoy writing this form or are curious about it, come visit us then as well. Hamish Gunn will the guest host along with our fearless leader and poet extraordinaire – Bjorn.

Complicated Heart
Sakura Matsuri –under the cherry trees I wandered alone. The petals of pink and white blew in the fitful breeze or caught in the grass. I looked at the patterns they made, there beneath the trees and craved images of you. The tree limbs, danced with grace against the blue sky. My heart wept remembering the fluidity of your presence.

Hanami in Hakone was almost past. In memory I saw the petals falling on your black hair, saw your elegant hands catching the petals in the wind and holding them to my lips to lightly kiss before you again scattered them to the wind. A lost love found in you awakened my heart. Years passed. Japan called you home. I should have gone with you. You should have stayed. The heart makes the simplest things so damn complicated.

cherry blossom rain –
pink and white petals – flower
tears – blue sky dims.

copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura


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