Safe at Home

For Lillian’s Quadrille prompt at dVerse. A quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words built around the prompted word which today is “harbor”.  Will also be posting on Real Toads Tuesday Platform.

Safe at Home

“Maybe my little brother, maybe I would wake up and look out the window at the night sky and suddenly it would fill with stars and golden mist, and we’d pretend for a second we were somehow deep inside the Milky May, a million winking lights, but we knew where we really were. We were almost home.” Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown New Jersey

The moon has sailed the night skies
of September, slowly moving through
the black waters sparkling with stars.
It has sailed through storms and calms
until at last it harbors itself
glowing, rich,
full and fecund –
Pulled up at the place known as home.

September full moon

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