Me Too

For the prompt at Real Toads. It is about the “me too” movement, feminism, empowerment. Until the world undergoes a massive change of hearts and minds, this kind of assault will continue no matter how many come forward.  Thank you Sherry!

The Writing Group
The year of the American Buyshit-tennial.
It seemed everywhere there was stuff to buy to celebrate.
I had become aware of the Feminist Movement –
1973 it was.
I had joined forces with a Lesbian-Feminist
writing group.
We were intense –
We were angry –
We were strong –
e didn’t take any shit from anybody
Including each other.
I had taken a part-time job
during the summers at University.
It was at a small deli.
I loved that job.
After I had worked there a few weeks,
the owner began to rub himself against me
as I sliced meats and prepared party trays
as I began to pre-make sandwiches
and salads for the rush crunch.
I began to hate going in early
to start the day’s work.
I knew he would come behind the counter
to rub himself and to hoarsely whisper –
Feel how hard I am.
I tried to ignore him.
His wife would come in sometimes.
She watched as he did this.
She said nothing to him –
She ignored him.
One day I picked up the big knife
I used to cut open sealed rolls of
Meat and cheese.
I whipped around and I said to him –
Touch me again and I will cut your dick off.
He laughed.
I threw the knife down on the counter.
I left.
“Me too” doesn’t begin to cover the half of it.
I loved that job.
I learned a couple of years later,
his wife left him for another woman.
I told my writing group about the assaults.
As one they said,
We’ll come in one morning.
We’ll cut his dick off for you.
I laughed. It felt good.
I loved that job.
Years later I gained my chef’s certification.
I discovered the head chef was terrorizing
one of the waitresses.
I confronted him.
He laughed.
I went to the restaurant manager.
That day I became the head chef,
She fired his sorry ass.
I loved that job!

chef’s roll of knives – public domain image

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