Quadrille#27 Monday

Today is quadrille Monday and De Jackson is hosting the prompt. The word to use in your 44 word poem (not including the title) is giggle, giggles, giggling, or giggler. Come join us and real these wonderful short poems at: https://dversepoets.com/2017/02/27/quadrille-27/

Mr. Giggles

The old man is bent like a pretzel.
He has this perpetual Joker smile
a buzz haircut,
and is dressed in identical sweats every day.
His head snaps from left to right
Constantly – he giggles without stopping.
Even in his sleep he giggles.

dVerse Poets Pub – Quadrille

Monday De Jackson (whimsy gizmo) is prompting us for the Quadrille – a poem of exactly 44 words (not including the title) and using the prompted word.  She has chosen for us the word “cue”.  Apologies to De but everytime I hear the word “cue” I think of bar-b-cue – hot, tender, vinegary pork ‘cue.  Love that stuff – pulled, chopped, minced.  Love me some NC style ‘cue.  Come visit us at the bar Monday at 3:00 pm EST. http://dversepoets.com/2016/11/07/quadrille-20/

I Want ‘Cue!
Gimme some ‘cue!
Tender sweet porky ‘cue.
Smoked for hours over
Apple, hickory, oak woods
Until falling off the bone tender
Sauced with a vinegarypeppery sauce –
On a bun or on a plate –
sides of hushpuppies and slaw
Gimme some NC ‘cue – now!

public domain image

public domain image

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