The River

For Sherry’s Prompt at Real Toads, Wonder. I know few things more wonderful than trees and then it is trees beneath autumn skies. And the wonder of it all, they are free to us all.  An American Sentence.

The River
“The river is everywhere.” – ― Herman Hesse, Siddhartha

Color changing trees stretch beneath autumn blue sky – an endless river.

three haiku

O. Koson 1931

O. Koson 1931

small chrysanthemums
white and yellow gaze at clouds
in blue autumn sky

aki no kumo**
Chase each other across fall
Sky – children playing

**autumn clouds

Hawk flies between sky
And pond – shadow on water
Only frogs can see.

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Escaping Hawks – haiku


(c) Paul Militau  used by permission from the photographer.  Please do not copy or reproduce w/o permission.

(c) Paul Militau used by permission from the photographer. Please do not copy or reproduce w/o permission from the photographer..

Wooden hawks emerge
From the earth seeking to join
Their blue sky brothers.


I follow Paul’s photography blog and am often struck by his creativity. When I saw this, my imagination saw earthbound hawks escaping their prison. I contacted and asked for permission to use this photograph and was very kindly given that permission.  You can find more of Paul’s most excellent work at: The direct link to this photograph is:
I don’t feel I have done justice to this image, but, I tried!

You can also visit me and  if you wish, follow me at my poetry only blog, Aki no Koe (voice of autumn):  I will also be posting this on that site.

Please, always remember that if you use another person’s creativity without permission and/or acknowledgement, you are stealing which truly is horrible and snarky.




Sunday Serenity

copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura

Sunday Serenity

…. The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands. Psalm 19:1  NASB

copyright kanzensukra

copyright kanzensukra

夢 yume

the origami
butterfly dreams of summer
blooms and endless sky


Dawn Moon – October 31

Perfect pearl set in
Dawn clouds. Golden chains hold and
display pure white round.

Night sky fades. Only
the pearl moon is left from the
strand of diamonds.

Aqua chiffon sky
behind Akoya moon. Pink
scarf flutters, undulates.

October Haiku


Golden leaves drip dew.

Pine needle path leads us to

Fragrant  adventures.


Hidden among dry leaves

Empty hulls nestle.  Pecans

Wait to be discovered.


Red flags of sumac

Wave against an ocean of

Blue sky.  Clouds race.


Burgeoning leaves.

Parti-colored crayon box

Of gold red orange brown.


Faded leaves beautiful

In their fallen array.

Ageless pattern a reminder

That beauty is not

Always young.   

Fragrance is not always green

And strong, but delicate

And to be savored slowly.


First frost covers the

Grass.  Morning sun

Melts until night comes again.


The taste of rain cold

and sweet falls from iron sky.

My lips ask for more.


Darkness falls too fast.

Sun fades and disappears

Like summer flowers.

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