Sunday Morning 10:00 a.m.

orange wreath

Sunday Morning 10:00 a.m. (pray for peace)

Fir trees on display – Christmas is coming!
Mother with two little ones
Walking in wonder in this temporary forest
Smell of fir in the cold air
Green rich incense –
The little ones become impatient
And can’t comprehend the calm
The mother is enjoying walking
Among trees and touching them
All with love.
She takes a small orange out from her pack
And peels and shares among the two
Whiney kids – smiles ensue as
They bite into the treat – they eat
As she walks and finally decides on the one
That best makes her soul smile.
Smell of orange and fir –
I breathe in the smells and the cool
Breeze makes me glad I walked over
To look at the trees.
I look at the little sticky smiley faces,
The peaceful look on the face of the mother,
I deeply inhale the fir and the orange
And pray for the breeze to circle the earth –
To replace sadness with smiles,
To silence the sound of guns with
The sound of laughter,
To replace the smells of blood and death
With the innocent smells of oranges
And fir trees.
Please I pray to the breeze, please.
Let there be peace on earth.


I am posting this for Poetry Pantry at Poets United. Please come visit and read all the wonderful poems by talented people from all over the world.

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