Starfleet Academy vs. VA Tech

Huh????   Those of you who aren’t into BBT, SciFi, fantasy, anime, manga, comics, all things geek, just please bear with me here.

This all came about because of a Big Bang Theory episode.  Sheldon’s parting shot to Leonard’s girlfriend after an argument was:  “You may have gone to Cambridge, but I went to Starfleet Academy”.  My husband states, “There is no such thing”.  At which point, I came out of my Kindle fog and told him, oh yes there is and I’ve taken courses there.

“Well, they can’t have anything to do with the real world”.  Fighting words.  Real world?  REAL WORLD??  Excuse me, but Star Trek is the real world.  I told him the courses I took have certainly done me more good in the “real” world than his BS in Theatre Arts.  I mean, how often do you use “How to stage Medea’?  He stammered and stuttered and said,”I learned lighting and wiring”.   My left eyebrow raised several inches as I sardonically sneered at him.

“So, why did I have to install the dimmer switches, the motion sensor lights at the ends of the house, and the ceiling fans throughout the house?”  No answer.  Silence from the Hokie Alumnus.  “I learned such things in the Science & Technology (Physical sciences,  technology and engineering) degree I earned from Starfleet Academy.

“I know several physicists and engineers who work(ed) on the CERN Accelerator.  How many actors, actresses, and plywrights do you know?”  Still silence from the Hokie Alumnus.

He would not admit defeat, but he did admit I had a point.  I reminded him I had several points.  I then told him “Good night” – in Klingon – Maj rahm, yIQongchu’!   Dujeychugh jagh nIv yItuHQo’!  “There is nothing shameful in falling before a superior enemy”.

He was not amused.  I just held my 4’10” self as tall as possible and bowed to him.  “haisya”.  He growled,”now I’m getting stabbed in Japanese”.  I smiled and went to bed.  BAZINGA!!  Bit I turned to him with these last words: ” And that is why I have Commander pips on my Star Trek uniforms and you have a ragged VA Tech tee shirt.”

Starfleet Academy 10   VA Tech Zilch.

The official logo of Starfleet Academy, circa ...

The official logo of Starfleet Academy, circa 2375. The Roman numerals refer to its founding year of 2161. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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