Hectic Snow

For Sunday Muse #38

Hectic Snow
The wrong time –
The wrong tune –
Stars swirl around like hectic snow.
Their songs lure you
And you float up and follow.
The music follows you
Until they freeze and fall
Like hectic snow.

Sunday Muse #38




Stars and Scars

For Susie’s prompt on Real Toads. She wants us to celebrate the Day of the Dead and use a quote from a favorite dead poet or poets, perhaps even writing in their style. I offer two quotes today – one from T.S. Eliot and another from chef and writer, Anthony Bourdain. This is also being posted on dVerse Poets Pub. Today I honor the dead in my life by being honest and posting a poem I feel that honors T.S. Eliot and Tony Bourdain and my honest ancestors with their integrity and their non-pretentious way of life.

Stars and Scars
“The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink. T.S. Eliot
“As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life — and travel — leaves marks on you. Most of the time, those marks — on your body or on your heart — are beautiful. Often, though, they hurt.” Anthony Bourdain

Scars and wars,
Wars and scars –
Stars and scars and wars –
We think ourselves superior to one another
hiding in our snobbery,
ignoring those we feel less than we –
Snickering at the ugly women,
Laughing at the unhandsome men.
We put pride in ourselves
and dance on the graves of the suicides.
Bragging of where we travel,
Where we eat,
Where we buy clothing,
Where we live.
We wound the hapless and the helpless.
We look down our noses
and shrug our shoulders.
We cut apart the poor and use them as bait.
We turn ink into blood
and do not care.
We hide our scars from others
always wanting to present the perfect face.
The stars in their courses weep
and crusts us with bloody sleet.



Safe at Home

For Lillian’s Quadrille prompt at dVerse. A quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words built around the prompted word which today is “harbor”.  Will also be posting on Real Toads Tuesday Platform.

Safe at Home

“Maybe my little brother, maybe I would wake up and look out the window at the night sky and suddenly it would fill with stars and golden mist, and we’d pretend for a second we were somehow deep inside the Milky May, a million winking lights, but we knew where we really were. We were almost home.” Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown New Jersey

The moon has sailed the night skies
of September, slowly moving through
the black waters sparkling with stars.
It has sailed through storms and calms
until at last it harbors itself
glowing, rich,
full and fecund –
Pulled up at the place known as home.

September full moon

Night Curtains

For the Friday prompt at Real Toads: Curtains and for Hedge’s 55 and for Poets United Poetry Pantry.

Night Curtains
Draw back the curtains of the night,
show us the stars and the glowing moon –
Let in the argent light.
Dance to the rhythm of the
speckled shadows –
whisper of the music made by the stars –
pulsing as sure as the blood
in your veins, beating slowly.
Draw back the curtains of the night.

public domain photo

Real Toads: Artistic Impressions

Today at Real Toads, Margaret is prompting us with various pieces of art work from the Asheville, NC county fair, all done by Amateurs! Come join us to look at the delightful pics and read the poems. http://withrealtoads.blogspot.com/2017/10/artistic-interpretations-with-margaret.html I have chosen to write a haibun finished with a real haiku – seasonal word (kigo) and cutting word (kireji) included in the haiku.


artwork – Asheville County Fair

Autumn has come at last to the South. The sky is the perfect clear blue of the season – aki no sora. A bit of a chill in the air but no frost as of yet. Leaves are starting to turn – slowly. There is more gold, red, and orange among the green than there was last week. At night, owls hoot gently and float silently through the trees, looking for food.
blue skies stretch over
trees – colors form a rainbow –
bright stars warm the sky

artwork Asheville County Fair

dVerse Poets Pub – voice of first frost

This is for dVerse’s Poets Pub, Haibun Monday.  Victoria is using the words “shimi no koe” – the voice of first frost to prompt us in our haibun.  First frost is a precursor to hatsu yuki, the first snow.  These two firsts are almost like sacred times to the Japanese and their observance of the seasons.  Victoria has done a beautiful job in this prompt.  Come visit us and read the various haibun at:  http://dversepoets.com/2017/10/02/haibun-monday-shimo-no-koe-  I’ve been awy due to eye problems.  I am slowly working my way back. Today I am posting this at Real Toads.   http://withrealtoads.blogspot.com/2017/10/the-tuesday-platform.html

Beautiful October
The October after you left in June was one of the most beautiful autumns I have known. I remember the smell of freshly fallen leaves mixing with the mast of those fallen the year before and slowly returning to the earth. I remember the colors all swirled together in a psychedelic tee shirt of warm colors. Most of all, I remember the night frost descended – the first of the season.

I remember sitting on the steps and blowing out the smoke from the joint I was smoking – doubly rich smoke both from the herb and the cold. The smoke was pure white in the moonlight. I shivered in the cold and pulled my frayed denim jacket closer. Across the full moon, a bat? An owl? A night bird? Flew blacking out the sparkling stars in the cold black sky. I could feel the change in the air; I could feel the temperature drop and feel the frost forming on my face, on the sleeves of the jacket. I walked across the lawn, slowly. Turning I could see where my boots had melted the frost that was glimmering on the grass. I thought to myself, trying to get over you was like trying to sew with gloves on or trying to turn a long rusted bolt.

autumn night – silent
stars look down on the frost and
shiver in the cold

public domain image

dVerse OLN 172 – spring stars – haru no hoshi

For dVerse Poets Pub #172. Poets submit one poem of their choice for this. All kinds of poems will be linked by talented poets. Come find your new favorite poet. My poem, a daring (for me) break of Japanese poetic form – a tanka and haiku together. Come join us at: http://dversepoets.com/2016/05/12/open-link-night-171/

haru no hoshi
spring night sky – wet stars
falling silent as dust. lights
dim out one by one
glowing moon breathes – blackberry
blooms are born – earthbound stars.

blackberry blooms in
dark night – dreams of summer wine
entice sleeping birds


copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura

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