Summer Solstice: Prequel 06/14 12:59 a.m. tanka


Warm summer night: storm
has passed…soft rain baptizes
me a supplicant
of peace alone in the night
heart open to hold the stars.

永遠の愛 (Eternal Love)

She sat on the back steps of their house, the night

Warm and moist, like the bath she had earlier taken.

Black sky full of stars above, the koi pond , black and still below.

He came and sat beside her, missing her presence by His side.

“Can’t sleep?” She shook her head, her glasses

Reflecting ambient light.


He took another tack.

“So, here is my shirt.  The mystery of the missing

Sakura Matsuri shirt is solved.”


“You have on a shirt and no

Bottom.  I have on a bottom And no top.

What would the neighbors say?”


And then bitterly she said:  “They would say, What

Is that extremely handsome

Japanese man doing with that

extremely ugly Caucasian woman?

Like I hear your friends whisper

When you cannot hear.”

He picked up the end

Of her braid and pulled off the tie.

Gently and patiently he

Unwound and spread her hair,

like a shawl, over her shoulders.

He looked up at the sky.

 He looked at her, small and hunched beside him.

He took her hair in his hands and rubbed his face against

Its silk.  He breathed in its perfume.

“I will love you until the stars come

To live in the night sky of your hair.

I will love you until they burn out and turn cold.

 I will love you until they turn to dust and

are blown throughout the entire

Universe.  I will love you with last my breath.

Watashi wa anata o eien ni aishimasu.”

She looked up at him and smiled.  “I can sleep now.”

He smiled and stood and reached for

Her hand.  “Then come and let us sleep.”

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